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Islanders: The Pacific in the Age of Empire
Thomas, Nicholas
This fascinating re-creation of an Oceanic world offers a new paradigm, not only for histories of the Pacific, but for understandings of cultural cont... (more)

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Tyranny of the Moderns
Urbinati, Nadia & Martin Thom
This thought-provoking polemic traces the contemporary form of individualism that the authors call "the tyranny of the moderns," and argues for a reco... (more)

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Manguel, Alberto
Curiosity has been seen through the ages as the impulse that drives our knowledge forward and the temptation that leads us toward dangerous and forbid... (more)

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Paula Modersohn-Becker: The First Modern Woman Artist
Radycki, Diane
The painter Paula Modersohn-Becker (1876-1907) painted the life she was living as a woman and artist and led the way for generations of women artists.... (more)

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History of Rock 'n' Roll in Ten Songs
Marcus, Greil
"Transmission" by Joy Division. "All I Could Do Was Cry" by Etta James and then by Beyoncé. "To Know Him Is to Love Him," first by the Teddy Bears and... (more)

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Paradox of Liberation: Secular Revolutions and Religious Counterrevolutions
Walzer, Michael
Why have secular democratic movements been unable to reproduce their political culture beyond one or two generations? Michael Walzer, one of America's... (more)

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Coney Island: Visions of an American Dreamland, 1861-2008
Frank, Robin, ed.
This captivating look at Coney Island and its iconic place in the history of American art features more than 200 images, including paintings, drawings... (more)

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Livingstone: Revised and Expanded Edition
Jeal, Tim
David Livingstone (1813-1873) is revered as one of history's greatest explorers and missionaries, the first European to cross Africa, and the first to... (more)

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Dirty Old London: The Victorian Fight Against Filth
Jackson, Lee
In Victorian London, horse traffic filled the streets with dung, household rubbish went uncollected, cesspools brimmed with "night soil," graveyards t... (more)

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Italian Venice: A History
Bosworth, R. J. B.
In this exploration of Venice from the fall of the Republic in 1797 to the present, Bosworth looks at the glamour and squalor of the belle époque and... (more)

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Buddha in the Machine: Art, Technology, and the Meeting of East and West
Williams, R. John
In a dazzling work of synthesis, Williams examines Asian influences on book design and department store marketing, the commercial fiction of Jack Lond... (more)

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Imagining Black America
Wayne, Michael
Explores the construction and reconstruction of black America from the arrival of the first Africans in Jamestown in 1619 to the re-election of Barack... (more)

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Bruce Davidson / Paul Caponigro: Two American Photographers in Britain and Ireland
Watts, Jennifer A. & Scott Wilcox
Working in different traditions, and exhibiting fundamentally distinct approaches, Davidson, with his gritty sensibility, and Caponigro, steeped in a... (more)

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Long March of Pop: Art, Music, and Design, 1930-1995
Crow, Thomas
In this paradigm-changing book, Woody Guthrie and Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol and Bob Dylan, Ed Ruscha and the Byrds, Pauline Boty and the Beatles,... (more)

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Genius: Elijah of Vilna and the Making of Modern Judaism
Stern, Eliyahu
Claimed by traditionalists, enlighteners, Zionists, and the Orthodox, Elijah ben Solomon, the "Genius of Vilna," has been perhaps the best-known and,... (more)

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