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Art of Being Jewish in Modern Times
Kirshenblatt-Gimblett, Barbara & Jonathan Karp, eds.
This richly illustrated volume illuminates how the arts have helped Jews confront the various challenges of modernity, including cultural adaptation a... (more)

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Backward Glances: Contemporary Chinese Cultures and the Female Homoerotic Imaginary
Martin, Fran
The passionate love one woman feels for another occupies a position of unsuspected centrality in contemporary Chinese mass cultures. By examining repr... (more)

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Dothead: Poems
Majmudar, Amit
An exploration of selfhood both intense and exhilarating. Within the first pages, Amit Majmudar asserts the claims of both the self and the other: the... (more)

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Blockchain Revolution: How the Technology Behind Bitcoin Is Changing Money, Business, and the World
Tapscott, Don & Alex Tapscott
Blockchain is the ingeniously simple, revolutionary protocol that allows transactions to be simultaneously anonymous and secure by maintaining a tampe... (more)

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Man for All Markets: From Las Vegas to Wall Street, How I Beat the Dealer and the Market
Thorp, Edward O.
The true story of the card-counting mathematics professor who taught the world how to beat the dealer and, as the first of the great quantitative inve... (more)

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Bestiary, or Procession of Orpheus
Apollinaire, Guillaume
Since it was first published in 1911, Guillaume Apollinaire's first book of poems has charmed readers with its celebrations of animals, birds, fish, i... (more)

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Asian Americans: Oral Histories of First to Fourth Generation Americans from China, Korea, the Philippines, Japan, India, the Pacific Islands, Vietnam, and Cambodia
Lee, Joann Faung Jean
Since the first three documented Chinese arrived in this country in 1848, more than six million Asians have followed. The huge immigrations of recent... (more)

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Le Corbusier, Homme de Lettres
Boyer, M. Christine & Le Corbusier
The first in-depth study of Le Corbusier as a writer as well as an architect. Featuring more than 200 archival images from his life and work, this gro... (more)

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Better Living Through Criticism: How to Think about Art, Pleasure, Beauty, and Truth
Scott, A. O.
Drawing on the long tradition of criticism from Aristotle to Susan Sontag, Scott shows that real criticism was and always will be the breath of fresh... (more)

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Architecture Visionaries
Weston, Richard
Featuring 75 of the world's most influential architects, this book presents the story of 20th-century architecture through the fascinating personal st... (more)

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Terrible Two Go Wild
Barnett, Mac & Jory John

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Hollywood's Eve: Eve Babitz and the Secret History of L. A.
Anolik, Lili

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Beer Cocktails: 50 Superbly Crafted Cocktails That Liven up Your Lagers and Ales
Stelzer, Howard & Ashley Stelzer
The first book devoted to the subject. Among the fifty recipes are some classic beer cocktails that predate the trend, such as the Radler, from Bavari... (more)

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Building Envelopes: An Integrated Strategy
Lovell, Jenny
Far from being just a simple outer wall or decorative element, the building envelope, or facade, determines a building'sstructural stability, climate... (more)

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Believer: My Forty Years in Politics
Axelrod, David
David Axelrod has always been a believer. Whether as a young journalist investigating city corruption, a campaign consultant guiding underdog can... (more)

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Featured Titles
Seventy Great Inven...
by Fagan, Brian M., ed.
Edited by a renowned archaeologist and author, this volume surveys early human innovations, from tools and cooking utensils to ancient transportation... (more)
War and Human Nature
by Rosen, Stephen Peter
Why did President Kennedy choose a strategy of confrontation during the Cuban missile crisis even though his secretary of defense stated that the pres... (more)
Peasant-Citizen and...
by Wood, Ellen Meiksins
The provocative thesis at the center of this study is that, despite the importance of slavery in Athenian society, the most distinctive characteristic... (more)
Genghis Khan and th...
by Weatherford, Jack
Genghis Khan lived in the 13th century, but he struggled with many of the same problems we face today: How should one balance religious freedom with t... (more)
Asia, America and t...
by Overholt, William H.
In this iconoclastic analysis overview, Overholt argues that obsolete Cold War attitudes continue to tie the US to an otherwise isolated Japan and obs... (more)
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