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Ovid's Erotic Poems: Amores and Ars Amatoria
Krisak, Len, trans.
Best known for his Metamorphoses, Ovid also wrote lively and lewd verse on the subjects of love, sex, marriage, and adultery. In this modern English t... (more)

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Disknowledge: How Alchemy Transmitted Ignorance in Renaissance England
Eggert, Katherine
An exploration of the crumbling state of learning in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Even as the shortcomings of Renaissance humanism became... (more)

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Divine Art, Infernal Machine: The Reception of Printing in the West from First Impressions to the Sense of an Ending
Eisenstein, Elizabeth L.
There is a longstanding confusion of Johann Fust, Gutenberg's one-time business partner, with the notorious Doctor Faustus. The association is not sur... (more)

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Modern Moves West: California Artists and Democratic Culture in the Twentieth Century
Cándida Smith, Richard
In 1921 Sam Rodia, an Italian laborer and tile setter, started work on an elaborate assemblage in the backyard of his home in Watts, California. The r... (more)

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Becoming the People of the Talmud: Oral Torah As Written Tradition in Medieval Jewish Cultures
Fishman, Talya
Although the Talmud's preeminence in Jewish study and its determining role in Jewish practice are generally taken for granted, Fishman contends that t... (more)

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Gibraltar Crusade: Castile and the Battle for the Strait
O'Callaghan, Joseph F.
The epic battle for control of the Strait of Gibraltar waged by Castile, Morocco, and Granada in the late 13th and early 14th centuries is a major, bu... (more)

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Multicultural China in the Early Middle Ages
Chen, Sanping

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Books Without Borders in Enlightenment Europe: French Cosmopolitanism and German Literary Markets
Freedman, Jeffrey
This engagingly written study examines one of the most important axes of the transnational book trade in Enlightenment Europe: the circulation of Fren... (more)

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True Relations: Reading, Literature, and Evidence in Seventeenth-Century England
Dolan, Frances E.
In the motley ranks of seventeenth-century print, one often comes upon the title True Relation. Purportedly true relations describe monsters, m... (more)

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Bishop's Utopia: Envisioning Improvement in Colonial Peru
Berquist Soule, Emily
In December 1788, in the northern Peruvian city of Trujillo, fifty-one-year-old Spanish Bishop Baltasar Jaime Martínez Compañón stood surrounded by tw... (more)

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American Marriage
Jones, Tayari

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Symbolic Role of Animals in Archaeology
Ryan, Kathleen & Pam J. Crabtree, eds.
The papers in this volume represent a range of approaches to the study of the symbolic roles of animals in human cultures. The theme that unites them... (more)

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Rush: Revolution, Madness, and the Visionary Doctor Who Became a Founding Father
Fried, Stephen

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Alternative Kilns
Gregory, Ian
This fresh look at the process of kiln building suggests unconventional materials and new styles of kilns, many of which are art forms in their own ri... (more)

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John Woolman's Path to the Peaceable Kingdom: A Quaker in the British Empire
Plank, Geoffrey Gilbert
The abolitionist John Woolman (1720-72) has been described as a "Quaker saint," an isolated mystic, singular even among a singular people. But as Plan... (more)

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Twilight of the Elites
by Hayes, Christopher
Mixing deft political analysis, timely social commentary, and deep historical understanding, Hayes describes how the society we have come to inhabit p... (more)
Suburban Warriors
by McGirr, Lisa
Broadens our understanding of the roots of popular conservatism by introducing us to women hosting coffee klatches for Barry Goldwater; members of ant... (more)
Political Bubbles
by McCarty, Nolan, et al.
Behind every financial crisis lurks a "political bubble" -- policy biases that foster market behaviors leading to financial instability. Demonstrating... (more)
Against the Profit ...
by Parrillo, Nicholas R.
In America today, a public official’s lawful income consists of a salary. But until a century ago, the law frequently provided for officials to make m... (more)
America's War for t...
by Bacevich, Andrew J.
From the end of World War II until 1980, virtually no American soldiers were killed in action while serving in the Greater Middle East. Since 1990, vi... (more)
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