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Artists under Hitler: Collaboration and Survival in Nazi Germany
Petropoulos, Jonathan
In this nuanced analysis of prominent German artists, architects, composers, film directors, painters, and writers who rejected exile, choosing instea... (more)

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Imagining Black America
Wayne, Michael
Explores the construction and reconstruction of black America from the arrival of the first Africans in Jamestown in 1619 to the re-election of Barack... (more)

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Bruce Davidson / Paul Caponigro: Two American Photographers in Britain and Ireland
Watts, Jennifer A. & Scott Wilcox
Working in different traditions, and exhibiting fundamentally distinct approaches, Davidson, with his gritty sensibility, and Caponigro, steeped in a... (more)

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Long March of Pop: Art, Music, and Design, 1930-1995
Crow, Thomas
In this paradigm-changing book, Woody Guthrie and Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol and Bob Dylan, Ed Ruscha and the Byrds, Pauline Boty and the Beatles,... (more)

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Genius: Elijah of Vilna and the Making of Modern Judaism
Stern, Eliyahu
Claimed by traditionalists, enlighteners, Zionists, and the Orthodox, Elijah ben Solomon, the "Genius of Vilna," has been perhaps the best-known and,... (more)

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City Lost and Found: Capturing New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, 1960-1980
Bussard, Katherine A., et al.
Featuring more than 200 illustrations and contributions from noted scholars in a variety of fields, this unprecedented exploration of the relationship... (more)

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Another Light: Jacques-Louis David to Thomas Demand
Fried, Michael
This compilation of essays by one of today's most important art historians gathers eight pieces written between 1993 and 2013, covering topics ranging... (more)

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Sex, Money and Personal Character in Eighteenth-Century British Politics
Morris, Marilyn
How, and why, did the Anglo-American world become so obsessed with the private lives and public character of its political leaders? Marilyn Morris fin... (more)

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Futures of Surrealism: Myth, Science Fiction, and Fantastic Art in France, 1936-1969
Parkinson, Gavin
Although Surrealism is usually associated with the 1920s and 1930s, it remained a vital force in Paris throughout the postwar period. This important b... (more)

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Picturing the Americas: Landscape Painting from Tierra Del Fuego to the Arctic
Brownlee, Peter John, ed. & Piccoli, Valéria, et al.
The first comprehensive treatment of landscape painting to encompass both American continents, this catalogue is brilliantly illustrated with 260 colo... (more)

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Isaac and Isaiah: The Covert Punishment of a Cold War Heretic
Caute, David
In this gripping account of the ideological clash between Isaiah Berlin and Isaac Deutscher -- two of the most influential scholars of Cold War politi... (more)

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World Goes Pop
Morgan, Jessica & Flavia Frigeri, eds.
A groundbreaking survey of the spirit of Pop Art throughout the world, from the familiar activity in the US, England, and France to less well-known de... (more)

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Everything Is Illuminated: A Novel
Foer, Jonathan Safran
With only a yellowing photograph in hand, a young man -- also named Jonathan Safran Foer -- sets out to find the woman who may or may not have saved h... (more)

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Taking Our Places: The Buddhist Path to Truly Growing Up
Fischer, Norman

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Forgotten Man: A New History of the Great Depression
Shlaes, Amity

In The Forgotten Man, Amity Shlaes, one of the nation's most-respected economic commentators, offers a striking reinterpretation of the Gre... (more)

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Spanning hundreds of years of history, Anthony Pagden traces the origins of this seminal movement, showing how Enlightenment concepts directly influen... (more)
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Curiosity has been seen through the ages as the impulse that drives our knowledge forward and the temptation that leads us toward dangerous and forbid... (more)
Philosophical Fragm...
by Kierkegaard, Soren
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by Srajek, Martin C.
For Derrida and Levinas, ethics is not so much an inquiry into the problems of right and wrong but an inquiry into the problem of the ethical constitu... (more)
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by Levin, Susan B.
While scholars typically view Plato's engagement with medicine as uniform and largely positive, Levin argues that his handling of medicine unfolded in... (more)
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