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Contraband: Smuggling and the Birth of the American Century
Cohen, Andrew Wender

How skirting the law once defined America’s relation to the world.

In the frigid winter of 1875, federal agents tracked Char... (more)

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Rise of the Robots: Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future
Ford, Martin
What are the jobs of the future? How many will there be? And who will have them? We might imagine?and hope?that today’s industrial revolution wil... (more)

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Wolf Hall
Mantel, Hilary
Amazon Best of the Month, October 2009: No character in the canon has been writ larger than Henry VIII, but that didn't stop Hilary M... (more)

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Understanding and Teaching American Slavery
Jay, Bethany & Cynthia Lynn Lyerly, eds.
No topic in U.S. history is as emotionally fraught as the nation’s centuries-long entanglement with slavery. How can teachers get students to und... (more)

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We Shall Be All: A History of the Industrial Workers of the World
Dubofsky, Melvyn & Joseph Anthony McCartin

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Free Labor: The Civil War and the Making of an American Working Class
Lause, Mark A.
Monumental and revelatory, Free Labor explores labor activism throughout the country during a period of incredible diversity and fluidity:... (more)

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Smokestacks in the Hills: Rural-Industrial Workers in West Virginia
Martin, Lou
Long considered an urban phenomenon, industrialization also transformed the American countryside. Lou Martin weaves the narrative of how the relo... (more)

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Power to Die: Slavery and Suicide in British North America
Snyder, Terri L.
The history of slavery in early America is a history of suicide. On ships crossing the Atlantic, enslaved men and women refused to eat or leaped... (more)

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Class by Herself: Protective Laws for Women Workers, 1890s-1990s
Woloch, Nancy

A Class by Herself explores the historical role and influence of protective legislation for American women workers, both as a step toward mo... (more)

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Law and the Shaping of the American Labor Movement
Forbath, William

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Filth of Progress: Immigrants, Americans, and the Building of Canals and Railroads in the West
Dearinger, Ryan
The Filth of Progress explores the untold side of a well-known American story. For more than a century, accounts of progress in the West f... (more)

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Workplace Constitution: From the New Deal to the New Right
Lee, Sophia Z.
Today, most Americans lack constitutional rights on the job. Instead of enjoying free speech or privacy, they can be fired for almost any reason or no... (more)

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Hero's Fight: African Americans in West Baltimore and the Shadow of the State
Fernández-Kelly, Patricia

Baltimore was once a vibrant manufacturing town, but today, with factory closings and steady job loss since the 1970s, it is home to some of the mo... (more)

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Reform or Repression: Organizing America's Anti-Union Movement
Pearson, Chad

Historians have characterized the open-shop movement of the early twentieth century as a cynical attempt by business to undercut the labor movement... (more)

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New Deal for Bronzeville: Housing, Employment, and Civil Rights in Black Chicago, 1935-1955
Kimble, Lionel, Jr.
During the Great Migration of the 1920s and 1930s, southern African Americans flocked to the South Side Chicago community of Bronzeville, the cul... (more)

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