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Democracies at War
Reiter, Dan & Allan C. Stam
The traditional view -- expressed most famously by Alexis de Tocqueville -- has been that democracies are inferior in crafting foreign policy and figh... (more)

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On Beauty and Being Just
Scarry, Elaine
Taking inspiration from writers and thinkers as diverse as Homer, Plato, Proust, and Iris Murdoch, Scarry writes an elegant, passionate manifesto for... (more)

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Hiding from Humanity: Disgust, Shame, and the Law
Nussbaum, Martha Craven
A critique of the role that shame and disgust play in our individual and social lives and, in particular, in the law. Nussbaum argues that we should b... (more)

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Hope and Memory: Lessons from the Twentieth Century
Todorov, Tzvetan
A political history and a moral critique of the 20th century, from one of Europe's most outstanding intellectuals. Identifying totalitarianism as the... (more)

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Civic Ritual in Renaissance Venice
Muir, Edward
Venice's reputation for political stability and a strong, balanced republican government holds a prominent place in European political theory. Edward... (more)

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Entertaining America - Jews, Movies, and Broadcasting
Hoberman, J. & Jeffrey Shandler

Entertaining America is a captivating look at one of the longest-running and most provocative public discussions in America: the relationshi... (more)

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Experiencing Russia's Civil War: Politics, Society, and Revolutionary Culture in Saratov, 1917-1922
Raleigh, Donald J.

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Hardcover (Unjacketed)
Exoplanet Atmospheres: Physical Processes
Seager, Sara

Over the past twenty years, astronomers have identified hundreds of extrasolar planets--planets orbiting stars other than the sun. Recent research... (more)

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On Bullshit
Frankfurt, Harry G.
One of the most salient features of our culture, Frankfurt argues, is that there is so much bullshit -- a greater enemy of the truth than mere lies. H... (more)

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New World Order
Slaughter, Anne-Marie
Global governance is here--but not where most people think. This book presents the far-reaching argument that not only should we have a new world orde... (more)

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Modern Architecture: Being the Kahn Lectures for 1930
Wright, Frank Lloyd

Modern Architecture is a landmark text--the first book in which America's greatest architect put forth the principles of a fundamentally new... (more)

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Confucian Political Ethics
Bell, Daniel A., ed.

For much of the twentieth century, Confucianism was condemned by Westerners and East Asians alike as antithetical to modernity. Internationally ren... (more)

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Judge in a Democracy
Barak, Aharon

Whether examining election outcomes, the legal status of terrorism suspects, or if (or how) people can be sentenced to death, a judge in a modern d... (more)

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Calculus Gallery: Masterpieces from Newton to Lebesgue
Dunham, William
More than three centuries after its creation, calculus remains a dazzling intellectual achievement and the gateway into higher mathematics. This book... (more)

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Roman Predicament: How the Rules of International Order Create the Politics of Empire
James, Harold

Modern America owes the Roman Empire for more than gladiator movies and the architecture of the nation's Capitol. It can also thank the ancient rep... (more)

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Featured Titles
Cambridge Companion...
by Knoppers, Laura, ed.
Featuring the most frequently taught female writers and texts of the early modern period, this volume introduces the reader to the range, complexity,... (more)
Great Divorce
by Woo, Ilyon
In 1814, Eunice Chapman came home to discover that her three children had been carried off by her estranged husband to live among a celibate religious... (more)
Defining the Renais...
by Jacobs, Fredrika H.
Examining art criticism written about Italian Renaissance women artists between 1550 and 1800, this study shows how the language of art criticism rela... (more)
Questioning the Veil
by Lazreg, Marnia
In this volume, Lazreg combines her own experiences growing up in a Muslim family in Algeria with interviews and the real-life stories of other Muslim... (more)
Women of Colonial L...
by Socolow, Susan Migden
Beginning with the cultures that would form the Latin American world, the text traces the effects of conquest, colonization, and settlement on colonia... (more)
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