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Opening the Treasure of the Profound: Teachings on the Songs of Jigten Sumgon and Milarepa
Gyaltshen, Khenchen Konchog & Khenmo Trinlay Chodron
Khenchen Konchog Gyaltshen learned to sing vajra songs at his mother's knee. Later, he learned of their profound meaning from masters of Tibetan Buddh... (more)

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Visual Complexity: Mapping Patterns of Information
Lima, Manuel
Manuel Lima's smash hit Visual Complexity is now available in paperback. This groundbreaking 2011 book—the first to combine a thorough histor... (more)

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Hide and Seek: An Around-the-World Animal Search
Man, Charlene
Help! Some of the animals are hiding! Can you find them and return them to their proper homes? A fun seek and find book, full of animals from all aro... (more)

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Great Big Green Book
Hoffman, Mary Y

"Think of the future. Can you imagine our planet as beautiful as it used to be? You could be the one to help make it beautiful again, with the thin... (more)

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How to Look after Your Human
Mayhem, Maggie & Kim Sears

There are plenty of guides out there for humans about training their dogs - as if humans have ever been the ones in charge. One dog has at las... (more)

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Glimpses of Raja Yoga: An Introduction to Patanjali's Yoga Sutras
Thakar, Vimala
Introduces the basic concepts of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras by focusing on a different sutra, or aphorism, in each of the twelve chapters. The opening ch... (more)

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Midnight in Siberia: A Train Journey into the Heart of Russia
Greene, David
An NPR host chronicles his journey on the Trans-Siberian Railway, during a 6,000-mile cross-country trip from Moscow to the Pacific port of Vladivosto... (more)

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Birth of the Pill: How Four Crusaders Reinvented Sex and Launched a Revolution
Eig, Jonathan
The fascinating story of oral contraceptives -- one of the most important scientific discoveries of the 20th century. Spanning the years from Margaret... (more)

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Variational Analysis: Critical Extremals and Sturmian Extensions
Morse, Marston
This text presents extended separation, comparison, and oscillation theorems that replace classical analysis of Legendre, Jacobi, and Hilber... (more)

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Nahum: A New Translation with Introduction and Commentary
Christensen, Duane L.
Nahum is a book about God's justice; it portrays God as strong, unyielding, and capable of great anger. In this edition, a renowned biblical scholar o... (more)

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Modernist America: Art, Music, Movies, and the Globalization of American Culture
Pells, Richard
The US has not only played a large role in shaping international entertainment and tastes, it has also been a consumer of foreign intellectual and art... (more)

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Oxford Book of Parodies
Gross, John, ed.
Featuring work by such accomplished parodists as Max Beerbohm, Robert Benchley, H. L. Mencken, and Evelyn Waugh, and "victims" ranging from Chaucer an... (more)

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Making Men: The Male Coming-of-Age Theme in the Hebrew Bible
Wilson, Stephen M.
Describes how the transition of a male adolescent from boyhood to manhood is employed by biblical narrators and redactors to highlight broader message... (more)

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Original Meanings: Politics and Ideas in the Making of the Constitution
Rakove, Jack N.
What did the US Constitution originally mean and who now understands its meaning best? Rakove chronicles the Constitution from inception to ratificati... (more)

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Adam Resurrected
Kaniuk, Yoram
The crowning achievement of one of Israel's literary masters, Adam Resurrected remains one of the most powerful works of Holocaust fiction ever w... (more)

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Safe Area Gorazde
by Sacco, Joe
Graphic artist Joe Sacco spent five months in Bosnia in 1996, immersing himself in the human side of life during wartime, researching stories that are... (more)
Why Can the Dead Do...
by Bartlett, Robert
This sweepingly ambitious history by a medieval historian tells the story of the cult of the saints from its origins in the second-century days of the... (more)
Moral Culture of th...
by Ahnert, Thomas
In the European Enlightenments it was often argued that moral conduct, rather than adherence to theological doctrine, was the true measure of religiou... (more)
Landscape with Two ...
by Bitel, Lisa M.
At a time when Europeans were just learning to be Christian, two extraordinary holy women brought both Christianity and the trappings of Roman civiliz... (more)
Right Wrong Man
by Douglas, Lawrence
In 2009, Harper's Magazine sent war-crimes expert Lawrence Douglas to Munich to cover the last chapter of the trial of 89-year-old John Demjanjuk, a C... (more)
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