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Paths to Peace: People Who Changed the World
Zalben, Jane Breskin
With a stirring quote set within a stunning and incisive collage, Zalben sets the tone for each of the sixteen peacemakers she profiles in this book.... (more)

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Basic Interests - the Importance of Groups in Politics and in Political Speech
Baumgartner, Frank R. & Beth L. Leech

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When Movements Anchor Parties: Electoral Alignments in American History
Schlozman, Daniel

Throughout American history, some social movements, such as organized labor and the Christian Right, have forged influential alliances with... (more)

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Beyond Occupation: Apartheid, Colonialism and International Law in the Occupied Palestinian Territories
Tilley, Virginia, ed.

Beyond Occupation looks at three contentious terms that regularly arise in contemporary arguments about Israel's practices toward... (more)

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Barefoot to Avalon: A Brother's Story
Payne, David
In 2000, while moving his household from Vermont to North Carolina, David Payne watched from his rearview mirror as his younger brother, George A., dr... (more)

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Black Calhouns: From Civil War to Civil Rights with One African American Family
Buckley, Gail Lumet
The daughter of actress Lena Horne delves deep into her family history, detailing the experiences of an extraordinary African-American family from Civ... (more)

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Bride of Christ Goes to Hell: Metaphor and Embodiment in the Lives of Pious Women, 200-1500
Elliott, Dyan
The early Christian writer Tertullian first applied the epithet "bride of Christ" to the uppity virgins of Carthage as a means of enforcing female obe... (more)

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Animal Bodies, Renaissance Culture
Raber, Karen
The material conditions of the early modern world brought humans and animals into complex interspecies relationships that have not been fully accounte... (more)

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Hollywood's Eve: Eve Babitz and the Secret History of L. A.
Anolik, Lili

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Beer Cocktails: 50 Superbly Crafted Cocktails That Liven up Your Lagers and Ales
Stelzer, Howard & Ashley Stelzer
The first book devoted to the subject. Among the fifty recipes are some classic beer cocktails that predate the trend, such as the Radler, from Bavari... (more)

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Building Envelopes: An Integrated Strategy
Lovell, Jenny
Far from being just a simple outer wall or decorative element, the building envelope, or facade, determines a building'sstructural stability, climate... (more)

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Believer: My Forty Years in Politics
Axelrod, David
David Axelrod has always been a believer. Whether as a young journalist investigating city corruption, a campaign consultant guiding underdog can... (more)

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Book of Circles: Visualizing Spheres of Knowledge
Lima, Manuel
A lively tour through millennia of circular information design. Three hundred detailed and colorful illustrations from around the world cover an ency... (more)

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Genocide in the Age of the Nation State : Volume 1: The Meaning of Genocide
Levene, Mark

How should we understand genocide in the modern world? As an aberration from the norms of a dominant liberal international society? Or rather... (more)

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Art in Latin America
Candela, Iria
The first volume to provide a thorough exploration of Latin American art since 1990, a period during which the Latin American art scene has grown in i... (more)

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Ethics for Adversaries
by Applbaum, Arthur Isak
The adversary professions -- law, business, and government, among others -- typically claim a moral permission to violate persons in ways that, if not... (more)
by Haygood, Wil
Thurgood Marshall brought down the separate-but-equal doctrine, integrated schools, and not only fought for human rights and human dignity but also ma... (more)
Welfare and the Con...
by Barber, Sotirios A.
Challenges the view that the constitution limits the duties of federal officials to respecting negative liberties while sustaining a market for democr... (more)
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