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Unfair: The New Science of Criminal Injustice
Benforado, Adam
"A law professor sounds an explosive alarm on the hidden unfairness of our legal system." Kirkus Reviews, starred
<... (more)

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Aunt Dimity and the Buried Treasure
Atherton, Nancy
While exploring the attic in her cottage near the small English village of Finch, Lori Shepherd makes an extraordinary discovery: a gleaming gold and... (more)

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Modern Lovers
Straub, Emma

An NPR Best Book of 2016
An Entertainment Weekly Best Book of 2016
A Slate Best Book of... (more)

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Food, Health, and Happiness: 115 On-Point Recipes for Great Meals and a Better Life
Winfrey, Oprah
Oprah Winfrey will be the first to tell you, she has had a complicated relationship with food. It’s been both a source of delight and comfort for her,... (more)

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White Noise
DeLillo, Don
Jack Gladney teaches Hitler studies at a liberal arts college in Middle America where his colleagues include New York expatriates who want to immerse... (more)

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Truth about Style
London, Stacy

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On Beauty
Smith, Zadie
In this story of an interracial family living in the university town of Wellington, Massachusetts, the author of White Teeth skewers everything from f... (more)

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Ghost in My Brain: How a Concussion Stole My Life and How the New Science of Brain Plasticity Helped Me Get It Back
Elliott, Clark

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ZeroZeroZero: Look at Cocaine and All You See Is Powder. Look Through Cocaine and You See the World
Saviano, Roberto & Virginia Jewiss
An electrifying, internationally bestselling investigation of the global cocaine trade, from the author of the #1 international bestseller Gomor... (more)

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Imbeciles: The Supreme Court, American Eugenics, and the Sterilization of Carrie Buck
Cohen, Adam
In 1927, the Supreme Court handed down a ruling so disturbing, ignorant, and cruel that it stands as one of the great injustices in American history.... (more)

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Six Encounters with Lincoln: A President Confronts Democracy and Its Demons
Pryor, Elizabeth Brown
An awkward first meeting with Army officers on the eve of the Civil War. A conversation on the White House portico with a young cavalry sergeant who w... (more)

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Forest Unseen: A Year's Watch in Nature
Haskell, David George
Biologist David Haskell uses a square-meter patch of old-growth Tennessee forest as a window onto the entire natural world. Visiting it almost daily f... (more)

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Generals: American Military Command from World War II to Today
Ricks, Thomas E.
While history has been kind to the American generals of World War II -- Marshall, Eisenhower, Patton, and Bradley -- it has been less kind to the gene... (more)

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Tales of Two Americas: Stories of Inequality in a Divided Nation
Freeman, John
Thirty-six major contemporary writers examine life in a deeply divided America—including Anthony Doerr, Ann Patchett, Roxane Gay, Rebecca Solnit, H... (more)

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Acid Test: LSD, Ecstasy, and the Power to Heal
Shroder, Tom

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Ardennes 1944
by Beevor, Antony
On December 16, 1944, Hitler launched his "last gamble" in the snow-covered forests and gorges of the Ardennes in Belgium, believing he could split th... (more)
Out of Ashes
by Jarausch, Konrad H.
This sweeping history explores the paradoxes of 20th-century history, shedding new light on why the European encounter with modernity led to cataclysm... (more)
Cambridge Illustrat...
by Parker, Geoffrey
A unique account of Western warfare from antiquity to the present day. Treats all aspects of the subject: the development of warfare on land, sea and... (more)
Mistresses of Cliveden
by Livingstone, Natalie
Throughout its storied history, Cliveden has been a setting for misbehavior, intrigue, and passion, from its salacious, deadly beginnings in the 17th... (more)
Peoples and Empires
by Pagden, Anthony
A narrative history of European exploration and expansion, drawing upon literary, anthropological, and historical sources. Pagden's account begins wit... (more)
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