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Possession: A Romance
Byatt, A. S.
An exhilarating novel of wit and romance, an intellectual mystery, and a triumphant love story. This tale of a pair of young scholars researching the... (more)

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Radicalism of the American Revolution
Wood, Gordon S.
In a grand synthesis of historical, political, cultural, and economic analysis, a prize-winning historian depicts the struggle for independence as muc... (more)

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Colored People: A Memoir
Gates, Henry Louis, Jr.
In this masterpiece of recollection by a renowned scholar and American Book Award-winning author, Gates revives the now-vanished "colored" world of hi... (more)

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Cisneros, Sandra
Every year, Ceyala "Lala" Reyes' family--aunts, uncles, mothers, fathers, and Lala's six older brothers--packs up three cars and, in a wild ride, driv... (more)

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Regulating the Poor: The Functions of Public Welfare
Piven, Frances F. & Richard A. Cloward
When the first edition of this groundbreaking work was published in 1971, it dramatically revised our understanding of the welfare system and its hidd... (more)

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Oleanna: A Play
Mamet, David

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Running in the Family
Ondaatje, Michael
In the late 1970s Ondaatje returned to his native island of Sri Lanka. As he records his journey through the drug-like heat and intoxicating fragrance... (more)

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Dead Lagoon
Dibdin, Michael
Among the emerging generation of crime writers, none is as stylish and intelligent as Michael Dibdin, who, in Dead Lagoon, gives us a delicious... (more)

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Russo, Richard
Mohawk, New York, is one of those small towns that lie almost entirely on the wrong side of the tracks. Its citizens, too, have fallen on hard times.... (more)

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Hotel du Lac
Brookner, Anita
In the novel that won her the Booker Prize and established her international reputation, Anita Brookner finds a new vocabulary for framing the eternal... (more)

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Banville, John
One of the most dazzling and adventurous writers now working in English takes on the enigma of the Cambridge spies in a novel of exquisite menace, bit... (more)

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To the Wedding
Berger, John
A blind Greek peddler tells the story of the wedding between a fellow peddler and his bride in a remarkable series of vivid and telling vignettes. As... (more)

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Dibdin, Michael
In this masterpiece of psychological suspense, Italian Police Commissioner Aurelio Zen is dispatched to investigate the kidnapping of Ruggiero Miletti... (more)

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Making Whiteness: The Culture of Segregation in the South, 1890-1940
Hale, Grace Elizabeth
An account of how and why "whiteness" came to be such a crucial component of 20th-century American identity. In intricately textured detail, Hale show... (more)

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Hardcover (Unjacketed)
Far Enemy: Why Jihad Went Global
Gerges, Fawaz A.
Argues that Al Qaeda represents a minority within the jihadist movement, and its strategies have been vehemently criticized and opposed by religious n... (more)

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Featured Titles
Baroque Architectur...
by Giuffrè, Maria
Featuring 272 color illustrations, this lavish volume captures the glories of an architectural tradition that was open to the world of European Baroqu... (more)
Abbot Suger on the ...
by Panofsky, Erwin
Incorporates the additions and corrections recorded by Erwin Panofsky until the time of his death in 1968. Gerda Panofsky-Soergel has updated the comm... (more)
by Ledoux, Claude Nicolas
Few architects have had a vision of architecture as provocative as that of Ledoux. In 1847 Daniel assembled 300 plates by Ledoux in two volumes. The R... (more)
St. Peter's in the ...
by Tronzo, William, ed.
The design and construction of St. Peter's spanned several centuries and involved some of the most brilliant architects of the early modern period, in... (more)
Robert A. M. Stern
by Stern, Robert A. M., ...
Includes designs for the Miami Beach, Jacksonville, and Clearwater Public Libraries in Florida, the vast Zubiarte retail complex in Bilbao, Spain, two... (more)
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