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Texture: Human Expression in the Age of Communications Overload
Harper, Richard, et al.

Our workdays are so filled with emails, instant messaging, and RSS feeds that we complain that there's not enough time to get our actual work done.... (more)

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Protocells: Bridging Nonliving and Living Matter
Rasmussen, Steen & Chen, Liaohai, et al., eds.
A comprehensive resource on current attempts to create simple forms of life from scratch in the laboratory. The book also provides perspectives on res... (more)

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Time and Realism: Metaphysical and Antimetaphysical Perspectives
Dolev, Yuval
Does time itself move, or is time's passage merely an illusion? Yuval Dolev argues that neither position is conclusive, and that the debate over the r... (more)

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Oxford-Duden Pictorial Italian and English Dictionary
Oxford, ed.

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Selected Fables
La Fontaine, Jean de
La Fontaine's verse fables turned the traditional folktales derived from Aesop and a range of Oriental sources into some of the greatest, and best-lov... (more)

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Nomad's Hotel: Travels in Time and Space
Kelland, Ann, trans. & Cees Nooteboom
Since his first voyage, as a sailor earning his passage from his native Holland to South America, Cees Nooteboom has never stopped traveling.Now... (more)

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Grass, Gunter
It all begins in the Stone Age, when a talking fish is caught by a fisherman at the very spot where millennia later Grass's home town, Danzig, will ar... (more)

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Lost World of the Kalahari
Van der Post, Laurens
The distinguished explorer and writer recounts his search for the Bushmen, outcast survivors from Stone Age Africa. Faced with constant attack from th... (more)

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Silence: A Christian History
MacCulloch, Diarmaid
Religion is, for many, a haven from the clamor of everyday life, allowing us to pause for silent contemplation. But as Diarmaid MacCulloch shows, ther... (more)

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That Bowling Alley on the Tiber: Tales of a Director
Antonioni, Michelangelo & William Arrowsmith, trans.

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Slavery: Antiquity and Its Legacy
DuBois, Page
Juxtaposing modern experiences of bondage (economic or sexual) with slavery in antiquity, the author explores the writings on the subject of Aristotle... (more)

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Philadelphia Stories: America's Literature of Race and Freedom
Otter, Samuel
This lively account of Philadelphia's literary history from 1790 to 1860 brings together writers familiar (Charles Brockden Brown, Edgar Allan Poe, Jo... (more)

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Portable Arthur Miller
Miller, Arthur
This classic collection-the only one-volume selection of Arthur Miller's work available-presents a rich cross section of writing from one of our most... (more)

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Behind the Scenes: or, Thirty Years a Slave, and Four Years in the White House
Keckley, Elizabeth
Originally published in 1868—when it was attacked as an "indecent book" authored by a "traitorous eavesdropper"—Behind the Scenes is... (more)

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Erotic Poems

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