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Private Life
De Sagarra, Josep Maria
Private Life holds up a mirror to the moral corruption in the interstices of the Barcelona high society Sagarra was born into. Boudoirs of demi... (more)

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Our Lady of the Nile: A Novel
Mukasonga, Scholastique
For her most recent work and first novel - Notre-Dame du Nil, originally published in March 2012 with Gallimard in French - Mukasonga immerses... (more)

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Son of a Gun: A Memoir
St. Germain, Justin
In the tradition of Tobias Wolff, James Ellroy, and Mary Karr, a stunning memoir of a mother-son relationship that is also the searing, unflinching... (more)

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Kovacic, Lojze
The first volume of this three-part autobiographical series begins in 1938 with the expulsion of the Kovacic family from their home of Switzerland, ev... (more)

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Concern for the Other: Perspectives on the Ethics of K. E. Logstrup
Andersen, Svend & Kees van Kooten Niekerk, eds.

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Heidegger, Hölderlin, and the Subject of Poetic Language
Gosetti-Ferencei, Jennifer Anna
Heidegger's interpretations of the poetry of Hölderlin are central to Heidegger's later philosophy and have determined the mainstream reception of Höl... (more)

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John Marshall: The Chief Justice Who Saved the Nation
Unger, Harlow Giles
The surprising life of Chief Justice John Marshall, who turned the Supreme Court into a bulwark against presidential and congressional tyranny and... (more)

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Field Guide for Female Interrogators
Fusco, Coco

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Human Spark: The Science of Human Development
Kagan, Jerome
As infants we are rife with potential. For a short time, we have before us a seemingly infinite number of developmental paths. Soon, however, we... (more)

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Grammar of Identity: Transnational Fiction and the Nature of the Boundary
Clingman, Stephen
In our current world, questions of the transnational, location, land, and identity confront us with a particular insistence. The Grammar of Ident... (more)

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Practice of Theory: Rhetoric, Knowledge, and Pedagogy in the Academy
Bernard-Donals, Michael F.
Theory has become a common language in the humanities in recent years, but its practical application as a pedagogical aid has yet to be fully addresse... (more)

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Aristotle on the Perfect Life
Kenny, Anthony
Aristotle's teaching on the subject of happiness has been a topic of intense philosophical debate in recent years. Did he hold that happiness consists... (more)

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Wild Region in Life-History
Tengelyi, Laszlo
A critique of--and alternative to--pure narrative approaches to life-history, offered by a distinguished Hungarian philospher
... (more)

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New Essays on Fichte's Later Jena Wissenschaftslehre
Breazeale, Daniel & Tom Rockmore, eds.
This is a comprehensive introduction to a pivotal phase of Fichte's philosophy.... (more)

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Democracy, Intermediation, and Voting on Four Continents
Gunther, Richard & Gunther, Richard, et al., eds.
This book presents the results of systematic comparative analyses of electoral behavior and support for democracy in 13 countries on four continents.... (more)

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by Siegel, Jeff
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How Many Languages ...
by Ginsburgh, Victor & S...
What are the specific advantages and disadvantages of linguistic diversity and how does it influence social and economic progress? This book examines... (more)
English Syntax
by Radford, Andrew
An abridged version of Radford's Minimalist Syntax: Exploring the Structure of English, the text offers a concise, accessible introduction to current... (more)
Ancient Languages o...
by Woodard, Roger D., ed.
Each chapter in this survey focuses on an individual language or, in some instances, a set of closely related varieties. Providing a full descriptive... (more)
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