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Living Black History: How Reimagining the African-American Past Can Remake America's Racial Future
Marable, Manning
Are the stars of the Civil Rights firmament yesterday's news? In Living Black History scholar and activist Manning Marable offers a resoun... (more)

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Listen Up: Voices from the Next Feminist Generation
Findlen, Barbara, ed.
In this new, expanded edition of the acclaimed collection, writers and activists such as Rebecca Walker, Nomy Lamm, and Inga Muscio are joined by Lisa... (more)

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Lobotomy: Surviving the Ramones
Ramone, Dee Dee & Veronica Kofman
Lobotomy is the most lurid and unlikely temperance tract yet from the underbelly of rock 'n' roll. On a wild roller-coaster ride from his... (more)

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In Search of Schrodinger's Cat: Quantum Physics and Reality
Gribbin, John

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God and Human Beings: First English Translation
Voltaire & Michael Shreve, trans.
In this little-known work by Voltaire (1694-1778)—now available in English for the first time— the famous French philosophe and satirist presen... (more)

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Nabokov, Vladimir
Mary is a gripping tale of youth, first love, and nostalgia--Nabokov's first novel.  In a Berlin rooming house filled with an assortment of... (more)

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Freud: The Theory of the Unconscious
Mannoni, Octave
Octave Mannoni worked in France, Madagascar, and Africa throughout the twentieth century to develop Lacanian psychoanalytic methods in the feld of eth... (more)

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Nonduality: A Study in Comparative Philosophy
Loy, David
Many Western philosophers are poorly informed about the issues involved in nonduality, since this topic is usually associated with various kinds of ab... (more)

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Black Body
Danquah, Meri Nana-Ama, ed.
What does it mean to have, or to love, a black body? Taking on the challenge of interpreting the black body's dramatic role in American culture are th... (more)

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Numerate Life: A Mathematician Explores the Vagaries of Life, His Own and Probably Yours
Paulos, John Allen
Employing intuitive ideas from mathematics, this quirky "meta-memoir" raises questions about our lives that most of us don't think to ask, but arguabl... (more)

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Value of Violence
Ginsberg, Benjamin
This provocative thesis calls violence the driving force not just of war, but of politics and even social stability.

     Though violen... (more)

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Mundo Cruel: Stories
Negrón, Luis
Luis Negrón’s debut collection reveals the intimate world of a small community in Puerto Rico joined together by its transgressive sexuality. The writ... (more)

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On the Revolutions of Heavenly Spheres
Copernicus, Nicolaus
The Ptolemaic system of the universe, with the earth at the center, had held sway since antiquity as authoritative in philosophy, science, and church... (more)

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Quantum Physics for Poets
Lederman, Leon & Christopher T. Hill
Quantum theory is the bedrock of contemporary physics and the basis of understanding matter in its tiniest dimensions and the vast universe as a whole... (more)

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Haunted Life: And Other Writings
Kerouac, Jack
1944 was a troubled and momentous year for Jack Kerouac. In March, his close friend and literary confidant, Sebastian Sampas, lost his life on th... (more)

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American Barn
by Plowden, David
A master documentarian's tribute to the American barn in 130 duotone photographs, capturing the evocative beauty of these honest and vital structures... (more)
Prefabulous World
by Koones, Sheri
The rising cost of fuel and the growing commitment to protecting the environment have sparked exciting innovations in prefab home construction. With... (more)
Buildings and Desig...
by Scamozzi, Ottavio Ber...
In 1776, architect and scholar Ottavio Bertotti Scamozzi began recording and analyzing Palladio's designs. The result, presented as a single volume fo... (more)
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by Montgomery-Massingber...
Showcasing some of the most splendid examples of English art and architecture, from medieval stone to the beauties of the English Renaissance, the cla... (more)
History of Architec...
by Kruft, Hanno-Walter
This comprehensive encyclopedic survey of Western architectural theory researches, organizes, and analyzes the major statements of architectural theor... (more)
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