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Hyperbolic Dynamics and Brownian Motion: An Introduction
Franchi, Jacques & Yves Le Jan
Hyperbolic Dynamics and Brownian Motion illustrates the interplay between distinct domains of mathematics. There is no assumption that the reader is a... (more)

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British Writers and Paris: 1830-1875
Jay, Elisabeth
Variously perceived as the showcase for sophisticated, cosmopolitan talent, the home of revolution, a stronghold of Roman Catholicism, and a shrine to... (more)

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Scepticism and Reliable Belief
Zalabardo, José L.

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Reproducing Rome: Motherhood in Virgil, Ovid, Seneca, and Statius
McAuley, Mairéad

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Poet's Mind: The Psychology of Victorian Poetry 1830-1870
Tate, Gregory
This landmark study of how Victorian poets thought and wrote about the human mind considers the poetry of Browning, Tennyson, Arnold, Clough, and Geor... (more)

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Self and Its Shadows: A Book of Essays on Individuality As Negation in Philosophy and the Arts
Mulhall, Stephen
Stephen Mulhall presents a series of multiply interrelated essays which together make up an original study of selfhood (subjectivity or personal ident... (more)

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Griffin on Human Rights
Crisp, Roger, ed.
Travel has become an integral part of modern life and the geographic setting in which travelers find themselves is constantly changing. To be far from... (more)

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Nations and Nationalism in the Theology of Karl Barth
Moseley, Carys
In this book, Moseley traces how Barth reconceived nationhood in the light of a lifelong interest in the exegesis and preaching of the Pentecost narra... (more)

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Portrait of Five Dynasties China: From the Memoirs of Wang Renyu (880-956)
Dudbridge, Glen
The anecdotal literature of late-medieval China is not unknown, but it is under-used. Glen Dudbridge explores two collections of anecdotal memoirs to... (more)

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Authorities: Conflicts, Co-Operation, and Transnational Legal Theory
Roughan, Nicole
The interaction between state, transnational and international law is overlapping and often conflicting. Yet despite this messiness and multiplicity,... (more)

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Towards a Theory of Development
Minelli, Alessandro & Thomas Pradeu, eds.
Is it possible to explain and predict the development of living things? What is development? Articulate answers to these seemingly innocuous questions... (more)

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Military Culture and Popular Patriotism in Late Imperial Austria
Cole, Laurence
Laurence Cole suggests that two main questions should be asked regarding the western half of the Habsburg Monarchy during the period from the mid-nine... (more)

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Aim of Belief
Chan, Timothy, ed.
What is belief? "Beliefs aim at truth" is the commonly accepted starting point for philosophers who want to give an adequate account of this fundament... (more)

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Ecological Statistics: Contemporary Theory and Application
Fox, Gordon A., et al.
The application and interpretation of statistics are central to ecological study and practice. Ecologists are now asking more sophisticated questions... (more)

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Equality of the Sexes: Three Feminist Texts of the Seventeenth Century
Clarke, Desmond M., trans.
Presents new translations of three of the first feminist tracts -- authored by Marie le Jars de Gournay, Anna Maria van Schurman, and Francois Poulain... (more)

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Featured Titles
Crowd Scenes
by Tratner, Michael
Examines the representations of masses -- the crowd scenes -- in Hollywood films from The Birth of a Nation through Gone with the Wind, The Sound of M... (more)
Language of War Mon...
by Machin, David & Gill ...
Analyses war monuments across Britain by developing a multimodal social-semiotic approach to understanding how they communicate as three-dimensional o... (more)
Fractured Times
by Hobsbawm, Eric
In his final book, Hobsbawm ranges freely across subjects as diverse as classical music, the fine arts, rock music, and sculpture. He records the pass... (more)
Sex after Fascism
by Herzog, Dagmar
This history of sexual attitudes and practices in 20th-century Germany investigates such issues as contraception, pornography, and theories of sexual... (more)
Back to the Fifties
by Dwyer, Michael D.
Throughout the 1970s and '80s, Hollywood studios and record companies churned out films, albums, music videos, and promotional materials that sought t... (more)
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