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Books Without Borders in Enlightenment Europe: French Cosmopolitanism and German Literary Markets
Freedman, Jeffrey
This engagingly written study examines one of the most important axes of the transnational book trade in Enlightenment Europe: the circulation of Fren... (more)

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John Woolman's Path to the Peaceable Kingdom: A Quaker in the British Empire
Plank, Geoffrey Gilbert
The abolitionist John Woolman (1720-72) has been described as a "Quaker saint," an isolated mystic, singular even among a singular people. But as Plan... (more)

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Faith of Remembrance: Marrano Labyrinths
Wachtel, Nathan
In a series of intimate portraits, Nathan Wachtel traces the journeys of the 17th- and 18th-century Marranos -- Iberian Jews who were forcibly convert... (more)

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True Relations: Reading, Literature, and Evidence in Seventeenth-Century England
Dolan, Frances E.
In the motley ranks of seventeenth-century print, one often comes upon the title True Relation. Purportedly true relations describe monsters, m... (more)

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Citizenship and the Origins of Women's History in the United States
Murphy, Teresa Anne
Women's history emerged as a genre in the waning years of the eighteenth century, a period during which concepts of nationhood and a sense of belongin... (more)

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Tropical Whites: The Rise of the Tourist South in the Americas
Cocks, Catherine
How did the tropical beach resort -- white sand, blue waters, and towering palms -- become the iconic vacation landscape? Combining history, geography... (more)

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Violence in Roman Egypt: A Study in Legal Interpretation
Bryen, Ari Z.
What can we learn about the world of an ancient empire from the ways that people complain when they feel that they have been violated? What role did l... (more)

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Traveler, the Tower, and the Worm: The Reader As Metaphor
Manguel, Alberto
The author of A History of Reading considers the chain of metaphors that have described readers and their relationships to the text-that-is-the-world... (more)

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Jews, Christians, and the Roman Empire: The Poetics of Power in Late Antiquity
Dohrmann, Natalie B. & Ari Z. Bryen, eds.
Brings Jewish perspectives to bear on long-standing debates concerning Romanization, Christianization, and late antiquity. Focusing on the third to si... (more)

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Biography and the Black Atlantic
Lindsay, Lisa A. & John Wood Sweet, eds.
Leading historians in the field of Atlantic studies examine the biographies and autobiographies of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century African-descende... (more)

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Making and Unmaking of a Saint: Hagiography and Memory in the Cult of Gerald of Aurillac
Kuefler, Mathew
A crusader, a hermit, a bishop, a plague victim, and even a repentant murderer by turns: the stories attached to Saint Gerald of Aurillac offer a stra... (more)

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Roman Inquisition on the Stage of Italy, C. 1590-1640
Mayer, Thomas F.
From the moment of its founding in 1542, the Roman Inquisition acted as a political machine. Although inquisitors in earlier centuries had operated so... (more)

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Confessions of Faith in Early Modern England
Conti, Brooke
As 17th-century England wrestled with the aftereffects of the Reformation, the personal frequently conflicted with the political. Conti here positions... (more)

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Jean de Saintre: A Late Medieval Education in Love and Chivalry
La Sale, Antoine de
Written in 1456 and purporting to be the biography of the actual fourteenth-century knight of its title, Jean de Saintré has been called the fi... (more)

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Last Crusade in the West: Castile and the Conquest of Granada
O'Callaghan, Joseph F.
By the middle of the fourteenth century, Christian control of the Iberian Peninsula extended to the borders of the emirate of Granada, whose Muslim ru... (more)

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Restructuring of Am...
by Wuthnow, Robert
A fast-paced narrative that answers numerous questions about what is really happening as religion and politics interact in the US. In particular, Wuth... (more)
Cultural Cold War
by Saunders, Frances Stonor
During the Cold War, freedom of expression was vaunted as liberal democracy’s most cherished possession -- but such freedom was put in service of a hi... (more)
Colonizing Hawai'i
by Merry, Sally Engle
Reveals how indigenous Hawaiian law was displaced by a transplanted Anglo-American law as global movements of capitalism, Christianity, and imperialis... (more)
Coney Island
by Frank, Robin, ed.
This captivating look at Brooklyn's Coney Island and its iconic place in the history of American art features more than 200 images, including painting... (more)
City of Sedition
by Strausbaugh, John
No city was more of a help to Abraham Lincoln and the Union war effort, and no city was more of a hindrance. No city raised more men, money, and mater... (more)
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