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Animal Architects: The Brilliant Builders of the Animal Kingdom
Blasco, Julio Antonio & Daniel Nassar
A fantastic, original exploration of how animals build their homes and the fascinating structures they create. From gladiator frogs to chimpanzees, l... (more)

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New Thai Style
Inglis, Kim
Thai Style is renowned throughout the world for its grace, form and colours, reflecting wider national culture. Whether pavilion-style architecture,el... (more)

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Glimpses of Raja Yoga: An Introduction to Patanjali's Yoga Sutras
Thakar, Vimala
Introduces the basic concepts of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras by focusing on a different sutra, or aphorism, in each of the twelve chapters. The opening ch... (more)

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Great Big Green Book
Hoffman, Mary Y

"Think of the future. Can you imagine our planet as beautiful as it used to be? You could be the one to help make it beautiful again, with the thin... (more)

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How to Look after Your Human
Mayhem, Maggie & Kim Sears

There are plenty of guides out there for humans about training their dogs - as if humans have ever been the ones in charge. One dog has at las... (more)

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Euripides V: Bacchae, Iphigenia in Aulis, the Cyclops, Rhesus
Euripides & Griffith, Mark, et al., trans.
Euripides V includes the plays “The Bacchae,” translated by William Arrowsmith; “Iphigenia in Aulis,” translated by Charles R. Walker; “Th... (more)

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Languages of the Night: Minor Languages and the Literary Imagination in Twentieth-Century Ireland and Europe
McCrea, Barry
In the first decades of the twentieth century, rural populations throughout Europe changed the language they used in everyday life, abandoning th... (more)

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Complicity: How the North Promoted, Prolonged, and Profited from Slavery
Farrow, Anne, et al.
Slavery in the South has been documented in volumes ranging from exhaustive histories to bestselling novels. But the North’s profit from–i... (more)

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Louis XIV and Absolutism: A Brief Study with Documents
Beik, William
This unique collection of documents with commentary explores the meaning of absolute monarchy by examining how Louis XIV of France became one of... (more)

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Camera Lucida: Reflections on Photography
Barthes, Roland
A graceful, contemplative volume, Camera Lucida was first published in 1979. Commenting on artists such as Avedon, Clifford, Mappleth... (more)

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Bizot, François
In 1971 a young French ethnologist named Francois Bizot was taken prisoner by forces of the Khmer Rouge who kept him chained in a jungle camp for mont... (more)

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Exodus and Revolution
Walzer, Michael
The noted political philosopher offers a moving meditation on the political meanings of the biblical story of Exodus -- from oppression to deliverance... (more)

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Orality and Literacy
Ong, Walter J.

Walter J. Ong’s classic work provides a fascinating insight into the social effects of oral, written, printed and electronic technologies, and thei... (more)

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Interpretation of French Song
Bernac, Pierre

"No voice teacher, no coach, no accompanist, no singer, and for that matter, no music-lover should be without this publication . . . from a... (more)

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From Wall Street to the Great Wall: How Investor's Can Profit from China's Booming Economy
Malkiel, Burton G. & Patricia A. Taylor
From the million-copy-selling author of A Random Walk Down Wall Street, the perfect guide to investing in the next economic giant.

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