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Financial Accounting
Dyckman, Thomas, et al.
Welcome to the fifth edition of Financial Accounting and, to adopters of the first four editions, thank you for the great success those editions have... (more)

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Freedom Is a Constant Struggle: Ferguson, Palestine, and the Foundations of a Movement
Davis, Angela

In these newly collected essays, interviews, and speeches, world-renowned activist and scholar Angela Y. Davis illuminates the connections bet... (more)

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Choice Not an Echo
Schlafly, Phyllis
Over 3 Million Copies Sold!

Celebrate 50 years since the release of Phyllis Schlafly's monumental A Choice Not an Echo, t... (more)

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Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold
Haggard, H. Rider
The further exploits of the big-game hunter and intrepid explorer introduced to readers in H. Rider Haggard's King Solomon's Mines. Set in... (more)

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Play Anything: The Pleasure of Limits, the Uses of Boredom, and the Secret of Games
Bogost, Ian
How filling life with play-whether soccer or lawn mowing, counting sheep or tossing Angry Birds-forges a new path for creativit... (more)

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Miles Gone By: A Literary Autobiography
Buckley, William F., Jr.
Here is a unique collection of fifty years of essays by William F. Buckley, Jr. chosen to form an unconventioanl career as the consevative writer par... (more)

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Spacecraft Systems Engineering
Swinerd, Graham, et al.
This fourth edition of the bestselling Spacecraft Systems Engineering title provides the reader with comprehensive coverage of the design of sp... (more)

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Historical Metaphors and Mythical Realities: Structure in the Early History of the Sandwich Islands Kingdom
Sahlins, Marshall D.
Hawaiian culture as it met foreign traders and settlers is the context for Sahlins's structuralist methodology of historical interpretation... (more)

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Beyond Translation: Essays towards a Modern Philology
Becker, A. L.
"This is not only a new philology but a new American linguistic philology. . . . Becker's harvest over a lifetime will be widely welcomed and respecte... (more)

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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass
Carroll, Lewis
The young Alice follows a hasty hare underground-to come face-to-face with some of the strangest adventures in all of literature. In this arres... (more)

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Getting Away with Murder: The True Story of the Emmett till Case
Crowe, Chris

Revised and updated with new information, this Jane Adams award winner is an in-depth examination of the Emmett Till murder case, a catalyst of... (more)

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Vagina Monologues
Ensler, Eve
A landmark in women’s empowerment—as relevant as ever after a year marked by unprecedented political protest—that honors female sexuality in all it... (more)

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Sloan, Holly Goldberg
In this heartwarming and funny middle-grade novel by the New York Times bestselling author of Counting by 7s, Julia grows into hersel... (more)

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Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus
Wittgenstein, Ludwig Josef Johann
In this 1921 opus, Wittgenstein defined the object of philosophy as the logical clarification of thoughts and proposed the solution to most philosophi... (more)

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From Savage to Negro: Anthropology & the Construction of Race 1896-1954
Baker, Lee D.
Lee D. Baker explores what racial categories mean to the American public and how these meanings are reinforced by anthropology, popular culture, a... (more)

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Featured Titles
Central Philosophy ...
by Thurman, Robert A. F.
The first full study, translation, and critical annotation of the Essence of True Eloquence by Jey Tsong Khapa (1357-1419), universally acknowledged a... (more)
Buddhism in China
by Ch'en, Kenneth
Aimed at readers who already have a general acquaintance with the history and religions of the Far East, and who desire to know more about the develop... (more)
Art of War
by Sun Tzu
Perhaps the most prestigious and influential book of strategy in the world today, this volume brings together the essential versions of Sun Tzu's text... (more)
Propensity of Things
by Jullien, François
In these pages, a French sinologist uses the Chinese concept of shi -- meaning disposition or circumstance, power or potential -- as a touchstone to e... (more)
Buddha Before Buddhism
by Fronsdal, Gil
One of the earliest of the surviving Buddhist texts, the Atthakavagga, or “Book of Eights,” presents the Buddha’s teaching pared down to its most unco... (more)
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