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Tousled Beauty
Graf, Dieter M. & Andrew Shields

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Legislation: Statutes and the Creation of Public Policy
Eskridge, William N. & Phillip P. Frickey
Contains an introduction to legislation; descriptive and normative theories of legislation, including procedural theories of legislation, pluralism an... (more)

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Modern Constitutional Theory: A Reader
Aleinikoff, Thomas Alexander & John H. Garvey, eds.
This book can be used as a supplement to introductory courses in Constitutional Law, or as a text for a course in Constitutional Theory. Chapter 1 be... (more)

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Linguistics Workbook
Demers, Richard A. & Ann K. Farmer
A Linguistics Workbook is a supplement to Linguistics: An Introduction to Language and Communications, 5th Edition. It can also be used... (more)

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1001 Most Useful French Words NEW EDITION
McCoy, Heather
This completely updated edition of the popular travel companion and at-home reference features 1,001 common words. Each word is accompanied by a brief... (more)

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Filled with passionate speeches and sensitive probing of moral and philosophical issues, this powerful drama reveals the grim fate that befalls the ch... (more)

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Strenuous Life: Essays and Addresses
Roosevelt, Theodore
Politician, soldier, naturalist, and historian—a century after the peak of his multifaceted career, Theodore Roosevelt remains a towering symbol... (more)

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Machiavelli, Niccolo
Classic guide to acquiring and maintaining political power is refreshing in its directness, yet often disturbing in its cold practicality. Starkly rel... (more)

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King Lear
Shakespeare, William
Powerful tragedy of an aging king, betrayed by his daughters, robbed of his kingdom, descending into madness. Perhaps the bleakest of Shakespeare’s tr... (more)

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Ultimate Hidden Picture Puzzle Book
Boddy, Joe
delightfully drawn tableaux with ingeniously concealed objects challenge sharp-eyed sleuths to ferret out survival equipment in a jungle scene; a near... (more)

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Civil Disobedience and Other Essays
Thoreau, Henry David
Philosopher, naturalist and rugged individualist, Thoreau has inspired generations of readers to think for themselves and to find meaning and beauty i... (more)

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Dinosaur Punch-Out Stencils
Smith, A. G.
16 eye-catching stencils include brontosaurus, tyrannosaurus, and the flying pteranodon.
... (more)

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Relativity in Illustrations
Schwartz, Jacob T.
This clear, nontechnical treatment makes relativity more accessible than ever before, requiring only a background in high-school geometry. More than 6... (more)

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Beauty and the Beast and Other Fairy Tales
Leprince de Beaumont, Marie & Charles Perrault
Six captivating stories brimming with humor, drama and fantasy: the supernaturally tinged narrative of Bluebeard and his many wives; the entertai... (more)

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Ready-to-Use Illustrations of World-Famous Places: 109 Different Copyright-Free Designs Printed One Side
Hogarth, Charles
Indispensable archive of clear, accurate images of Statue of Liberty, Edinburgh Castle, Brandenburg Gate, ruins at Delphi, Roman Forum, Karlskirc... (more)

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Nation of Outsiders
by Hale, Grace Elizabeth
At mid-century, Americans increasingly fell in love with characters like Holden Caulfield in Catcher in the Rye and Marlon Brando's Johnny in The Wild... (more)
Macro Cultural Psyc...
by Ratner, Carl
Articulating a systematic theory of psychology, culture, and their interrelation, this volume explains how macro cultural factors like social institut... (more)
Man's Estate
by French, Henry & Mark ...
Drawing on more than 4,000 letters from 19 landed families across England, this volume illuminates the ways in which masculine norms were produced thr... (more)
Essays on Reference...
by Donnellan, Keith
Keith Donnellan is one of the major figures in 20th-century philosophy of language and mind, but his primary contributions have been published in arti... (more)
Verging on Extra-Va...
by Boon, James A.
Ranges through history and around the globe in a series of reflections on the limitations, attractions, and ambiguities of cultural interpretation. Th... (more)
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