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En Guerre - French Illustrators and World War I
Harris, Neil & Teri J. Edelstein
With 2014 marking the one-hundredth anniversary of the commencement of World War I, En Guerre offers a fresh, thought-provoking exploration of the impact of the Great War as viewed through the lens of French graphic illustration of the period. Published in conjunction with an exhibition ... (more)

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Essential Cy Twombly
Twombly, Cy & Nicola Del Roscio, ed.
Recognized as one of the greatest and most idiosyncratic artists of the postwar era, Cy Twombly left behind an oeuvre of incredible versatility, sensitivity and originality upon his death in 2011 at age 83. Working in the immediate aftermath of Abstract Expressionism, Twombly developed an intensely ... (more)

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Four Century of Quilts: The Colonial Williamsburg Collection
Colonial Williamsburg Foundation Staff & Baumgarten, Linda, et al.
Quilts are among the most utilitarian of art objects, yet the best among them possess a formal beauty that rivals anything made on canvas. This landmark book, drawn from the world-renowned collection of the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, highlights the splendor and craft of quilts with more ... (more)

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How to Read Oceanic Art
Kjellgren, Eric
Art from Oceania, the region encompassing the islands of the central and south Pacific, spans hundreds of distinct artistic processes, formats, and mediums. Many people’s exposure to Oceanic art comes through its influence on the work of European artists, and therefore Oceanic works themselves ... (more)

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Ink, Paper, Politics: WPA-Era Prints from the Needles Collection
Lincoln, Louise, ed. & Langa, Helen, et al.
The Works Progress Administration gave federal financial support to a wide range of artistic projects during the Depression, from fiction to fine art. Of all these forms, however, the printmaking supported by the WPA is perhaps the one of most enduring interest: the design of the program itself... (more)

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John Singer Sargent Vol. 8: Figures and Landscapes 1908-1913, the Complete Paintings
Ormond, Richard & Elaine Kilmurray
After John Singer Sargent (1856?1925) determined to curtail his internationally successful portrait practice, he had more freedom to paint where and what he wanted.  Volume VIII of the John Singer Sargent catalogue raisonné transports us to the artist’s most beloved locations, often with his fr... (more)

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Marks of Genius: Masterpieces from the Collections of the Bodleian Libraries
Hebron, Stephen
What sets Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein apart from so many other famous works of fiction? What special combination of creativity and vision made possible the drafting of Magna Carta?a document both so unprecedented and so fundamental to the concept of basic human rights that its name can n... (more)

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Pantone on Fashion: A Century of Color in Design
Pantone, LLC
Follow global color authority Pantone on this vivid journey through the rich history of color in fashion. Favorite hues and their appearances across the decades are profiled in informative text and copiously illustrated by runway photos and archival images. Track Bright Marigold from its heyday in t... (more)

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Perspecta 47: Money
Andrachuk, James, et al.

Money plays a paradoxical role in the creation of architecture. Formless itself, money is a fundamental form giver. At all scales, and across the ages, architecture is a product of the financial environment in which it is conceived, for better or worse. Yet despite its ubiquity, money is often di... (more)

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Printed Textiles: British and American Cottons and Linens 1700-1850
Eaton, Linda
The Winterthur Museum’s richly illustrated history of British and American fabrics made or used from 1700–1850 is a visual reference for designers and a definitive contribution to textile studies.
From slipcovers that belonged to George Washington, to bedhangings described by Harriet Beech... (more)

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Six Drawing Lessons
Kentridge, William

Over the last three decades, the visual artist William Kentridge has garnered international acclaim for his work across media including drawing, film, sculpture, printmaking, and theater. Rendered in stark contrasts of black and white, his images reflect his native South Africa and, like endlessl... (more)

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Wynn Bullock: Revelations
High Museum of Art

Wynn Bullock was one of the most significant photographers of the mid-twentieth century. A close friend of influential West Coast artists Ansel Adams and Edward Weston and a contemporary of Minor White and Frederick Sommer, Bullock created work marked by a distinct interest in experimentation, ab... (more)

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