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Subject: Literary Theory & Criticism

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100 Years of Cruelty: Essays on Artaud
Scheer, Edward, ed.
100 Years of Cruelty brings together responses to the Artaud question from some of the leading contemporary scholars working in the humanities... (more)

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1000 Years of English Literature: A Treasury of Literary Manuscripts
Fletcher, Chris
From the unique 10th-century manuscript of Beowulf to Sylvia Plath's poem "Ariel," this beautifully illustrated book presents the panorama of more tha... (more)

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50 Gay and Lesbian Books Everybody Must Read
Canning, Richard, ed.

Gay topics have been central to most national literary traditions, whether in fiction, memoir, drama, or verse. Yet “crossover” success storie... (more)

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ABC of Reading
Pound, Ezra
Ezra Pound’s classic book about the meaning of literature, with a new introduction by Michael Dirda. This important work, first publ... (more)

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Abortion, Choice, and Contemporary Fiction: The Armageddon of the Maternal Instinct
Wilt, Judith
In recent years, public debate has raged over the issue of maternal choice. While personal testimony and political argument have received wi... (more)

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Abyssinia's Samuel Johnson: Ethiopian Thought in the Making of an English Author
Belcher, Wendy Laura
As a young man, Samuel Johnson translated A Voyage to Abyssinia by Jeronimo Lobo, a Portuguese missionary to Ethiopia, and the project exerted a lasti... (more)

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Across the River: On the Poetry of Mak Dizdar
Mahmutcehajic, Rusmir & Jones, Francis R., et al., trans.
The work of Mehmedalija MakDizdar (1917-71) is the cornerstone of modern Bosnian literature. During the Second World War he was a member of the anti-... (more)

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Acts of Attention: The Poems of D. H. Lawrence
Gilbert, Sandra M.

In the Preface to this second edition of her first book, Sandra M. Gilbert addresses the inevitable question: "How can you be a feminist... (more)

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Adopting America: Childhood, Kinship, and National Identity in Literature
Singley, Carol J.
American literature abounds with orphans who experience adoption or placements that resemble adoption. These narratives do more than describe adventur... (more)

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Adventurer: The Fate of Adventure in the Western World
Zweig, Paul
In this corrective to our age's forgetfulness of the meaning of adventure, the author traces the intricate path that carried us from an unconquerable... (more)

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Adventures of Form and Content: Essays
Goldbarth, Albert

An astounding work of doubles by Albert Goldbarth, “a dazzling virtuoso who can break your heart” (Joyce Carol Oates)

Albert Goldbarth... (more)

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Aesthetic As the Science of Expression and of the Linguistic in General: Pt. 1
Croce, Benedetto & Colin Lyas, trans.
The Italian philosopher Benedetto Croce (1866-1952) spent most of his life as a private scholar in Naples. His Estetica, which first appeared in 1902,... (more)

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Aesthetic Individualism and Practical Intellect: American Allegory in Emerson, Thoreau, Adams and James
Hansen, Olaf

Addressing vital issues in the current revision of American literary studies, Olaf Hansen carries out an exposition of American writing as a... (more)

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Aestheticism & Deconstruction: Pater, Derrida, & de Man
Loesberg, Jonathan
Uses Pater's work on society to argue that habitual dismissal of deconstruction fails to recognize the genuine philosophic point and political engagem... (more)

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Aesthetics of Mimesis: Ancient Texts and Modern Problems
Halliwell, Stephen
Mimesis is one of the oldest, most fundamental concepts in Western aesthetics. This book offers a new, searching treatment of its long history at the... (more)

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Featured Titles
by Swift, Daniel

A captivating biography of Ezra Pound told via the stories of his visitors at St. Elizabeths Hospital

In 1945, the great American poet Ezra P... (more)

Art of Confession
by Grobe, Christopher
The story of a new style of art—and a new way of life—in postwar America: confessionalism. 
What do midcen... (more)
Langston's Salvation
by Best, Wallace D.
A new perspective on the role of religion in the work of Langston Hughes
Langston's Salvation off... (more)
Dawn Watch
by Jasanoff, Maya
A visionary exploration of the life and times of Joseph Conrad, his turbulent age of globalization and our own, from one of the most exciting young... (more)
Literature and Cart...
by Engberg-Pedersen, And...

Literary authors have frequently called on elements of cartography to ground fictional space, to visualize sites, and to help readers get their bea... (more)

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