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Subject: Jewish Studies - Theology

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Challenge of Received Tradition: Dilemmas of Interpretation in Radak's Biblical Commentaries
Grunhaus, Naomi
One of the vexing problems facing medieval Jewish scholars was how to implement the interpretive strategy of extracting the straightforward, contextua... (more)

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Hardcover (Unjacketed)
Code of Maimonides (Mishneh Torah): Book Two: The Book of Love
Maimonides, Moses
The code of Maimonides (1138–1204) is one of the most famous and important writings in Hebrew since the Bible. This masterful translation of the secon... (more)

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Everything Is God: The Radical Path of Nondual Judaism
Michaelson, Jay
Once considered a radical, mystical idea, the concept and spiritual practice of nondual Judaism is increasingly influencing mainstream Judaism. This v... (more)

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Ezra and Nehemiah
Williamson, H. G. M.
As the only historical source available for the period of the Jewish return from the Babylonian exile and its aftermath, these books are crucial for t... (more)

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Five Books of Moses: A Translation with Commentary
Alter, Robert
Through a distinguished career of critical scholarship and translation, Robert Alter has equipped us to read the Hebrew Bible as a powerful, cohesive... (more)

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Hardcover (Unjacketed)
God, Man and the World: Lectures and Essays
Rosenzweig, Franz, et al.
Based on the author's lectures at the Judisches Freies Lehrhaus, these essays include notes for a group of lectures from 1920, "Faith and Knowledge,"... (more)

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Guide to the Zohar
Green, Arthur
This illuminating study, based upon the last several decades of modern Zohar scholarship, unravels the historical and intellectual origins of this ric... (more)

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Handbook of Rabbinic Theology: Language, System, Structure
Neusner, Jacob
From his extensive and intensive study of the rabbinic literature, Jacob Neusner shows how the rabbinic documents give expression to a very real, if i... (more)

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Heart and the Fountain: An Anthology of Jewish Mystical Experiences
Dan, Joseph
After an excellent introduction that discusses Jewish mysticism as a whole and then contrasts it with Christian mysticism, Dan presents 25 meaningful... (more)

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Hardcover (Unjacketed)
History and Interpretation: Essays in Honour of John H. Hayes
Graham, M. Patrick, et al., eds.
A collection of 17 essays on the Old Testament and the history of ancient Israel covering a wide range of topics, from historical geography and the hi... (more)

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Jewish Messianism and the History of Philosophy
Kavka, Martin
Kavka challenges the ancient opposition between Athens and Jerusalem by retrieving the concept of meontology (the doctrine of nonbeing). His study als... (more)

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Jewish Social Contract: An Essay in Political Theology
Novak, David
The Jewish Social Contract begins by asking how a traditional Jew can participate politically and socially and in good faith in a modern democratic so... (more)

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Judaism and the Doctrine of Creation
Samuelson, Norbert M.
The topic of this book is 'creation'. What does the universe look like, and what is its origin? The opinions about creation considered come from the H... (more)

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Kabbalah: The Way of the Jewish Mystic
Epstein, Perle
A comprehensive explanation and history of the secret tradition of Jewish mysticism - its methods, schools, and practitioners.... (more)

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Hardcover (Unjacketed)
King and Cultus in Chronicles: Worship and the Reinterpretation of History
Riley, William

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This collection of essays puts into dialogue the ethical philosophy of Emmanuel Levinas with a variety of English and rabbinic writings from the Middl... (more)
Muslim Brotherhood
by Wickham, Carrie Rosefsky
Drawing on more than 100 in-depth interviews as well as Arabic language sources not previously examined by Western researchers, this volume traces the... (more)
Question of Zion
by Rose, Jacqueline
How did Zionism take shape as an identity? And why does it seem so immutable? Analyzing the messianic fervor of Zionism, Rose argues that it colors Is... (more)
After One-Hundred-a...
by Halkin, Hillel
A richly nuanced and deeply personal look at Jewish attitudes and practices regarding death, mourning, and the afterlife as they have existed and evol... (more)
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