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Comparative Religion

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Subject: Religion

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Hardcover (Unjacketed)
Pastoral Care, Clerical Education and Canon Law, 1200-1400 (Collected studies series)
Boyle, Leonard Eugene

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History of the Church Vol. 3: The Revolt Against the Church: Augustine to Aquinas
Hughes, Philip
This volume covers one of the most critical periods in the history of the Church, a period of revolt, of the "Avignon captivity" and the Great Schism... (more)

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Breaking White Supremacy: Martin Luther King Jr. and the Black Social Gospel
Dorrien, Gary
This magisterial follow-up to The New Abolition, a Grawemeyer Award winner, tells the crucial second chapter in the black social gospel... (more)

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Happiness in This Life: A Passionate Meditation on Earthly Existence
Pope Francis & Oonagh Stransky, trans.
A collection of homilies, speeches, and “messages of the day” that brings together Pope Francis’s wisdom on finding happiness in the here and nowmore)

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Aslan, Reza
The #1 New York Times bestselling author of Zealot and host of Believer explores humanity’s quest to make sense of the divine,... (more)

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Catholicism: a Very Short Introduction
O'Collins, Gerald
Despite a long history of external threats and internal strife, the Roman Catholic Church remains a vast and influential presence in our modern world.... (more)

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Secret Body: Erotic and Esoteric Currents in the History of Religions
Kripal, Jeffrey J.
Over the course of his twenty-five-year career, Jeffrey J. Kripal’s study of religion has had two major areas of focus: the erotic expression of... (more)

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Pope Francis among the Wolves: The Inside Story of a Revolution
Politi, Marco & William Mccuaig
Marco Politi takes us deep inside the power struggle roiling the Roman Curia and the Catholic Church worldwide, beginning with Benedict XVI, the pope... (more)

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Sex and Secularism
Scott, Joan Wallach

How secularism has been used to justify the subordination of women

Joan Wallach Scott’s acclaimed and controversial writings have been... (more)

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Religion of the Field Negro: On Black Secularism and Black Theology
Lloyd, Vincent W.
Black theology has lost its direction. To reclaim its original power and to advance racial justice struggles today black theology must fully embrace b... (more)

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Last Testament: In His Own Words
Benedict XVI, Pope & Peter Seewald

Pope Benedict made history by being the first Pope in over 700 years to resign from office. The Catholic Church the world over was stunned. Worn ou... (more)

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Langston's Salvation: American Religion and the Bard of Harlem
Best, Wallace D.
A new perspective on the role of religion in the work of Langston Hughes
Langston's Salvation off... (more)

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Dorothy Day: the World Will Be Saved by Beauty: An Intimate Portrait of My Grandmother
Hennessy, Kate
“An intimate, revealing and sometimes wrenching family memoir of the journalist and social advocate who is now being considered for canonization” (... (more)

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Bethlehem: Biography of a Town
Blincoe, Nicholas
The town of Bethlehem carries so many layers of meaning--some ancient, some mythical, some religious--that it feels like an unreal city, even to the... (more)

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Brief History of Christianity
Gascoigne, Bamber
This volume tells the story of Christianity through the individual men and women who shaped it. It is a story of colossal undertakings and spectacul... (more)

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Featured Titles
by O'Donnell, James J.

A provocative and contrarian religious history that charts the rise of Christianity from the point of view of traditional” religion from the religi... (more)

Bhagavad Gita
by Davis, Richard H.
Richard Davis tells the story of this venerable and enduring book, from its origins in ancient India to its reception today as a spiritual classic tha... (more)
My Door Is Always Open
by Pope Francis
The first book by Francis since becoming Pope, this volume offers the most plain-spoken and persuasive guide to his vision and to his humanity as one... (more)
Way in the Wilderness
by Freeman, Laurence & J...
The Rule of St Benedict is a model for stability and good sense in a turbulent modern world. This chapter-by-chapter commentary includes the entire te... (more)
Poems of Jesus Christ
by Barnstone, Willis
Austere and poignant, the teachings of Jesus are wisdom lyrics and narrative parables rich with garden, animal, and nature imagery. Translator Willis... (more)
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