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Subject: Sociology

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Evolution of the Juvenile Court: Race, Politics, and the Criminalizing of Juvenile Justice
Feld, Barry C.
A major statement on the juvenile justice system by one of America’s leading experts
The juvenile court li... (more)

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True Sex: The Lives of Trans Men at the Turn of the Twentieth Century
Skidmore, Emily
The incredible stories of how trans men assimilated into mainstream communities in the late 1800s.   
From Global to Local: The World of Things and the End of Globalization
Livesey, Finbarr
This brilliantly original book dismantles the underlying assumptions that drive the decisions made by companies and governments throughout the world,... (more)

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Far Away Brothers: Two Young Migrants and the Making of an American Life
Markham, Lauren
The deeply reported story of identical twin brothers who escape El Salvador's violence to build new lives in California—fighting to survive, to sta... (more)

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Cuz: The Life and Times of Michael A.
Allen, Danielle

So tender yet courageous is this fierce family memoir that it makes mass incarceration nothing less than a new American tragedy.more)

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Undoing the Demos: Neoliberalism's Stealth Revolution
Brown, Wendy
Neoliberal rationality -- ubiquitous today in statecraft and the workplace, in jurisprudence, education, and culture -- remakes everything and ev... (more)

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Fateful Triangle: Race, Ethnicity, Nation
Hall, Stuart & Kobena Mercer

In The Fateful Triangle?drawn from lectures delivered at Harvard University in 1994?one of the founding figures of cultural studies reflects... (more)

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From the War on Poverty to the War on Crime: The Making of Mass Incarceration in America
Hinton, Elizabeth

Co-Winner of the Thomas J. Wilson Memorial Prize
A New York Times Notable Book of the Year
A New York Times Book Review Editors... (more)

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Black Mirror: The Cultural Contradictions of American Racism
Lott, Eric

Blackness, as the entertainment and sports industries well know, is a prized commodity in American pop culture. Marketed to white consumers, black... (more)

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Color of Money: Black Banks and the Racial Wealth Gap
Baradaran, Mehrsa

When the Emancipation Proclamation was signed in 1863, the black community owned less than one percent of the United States’ total wealth. More tha... (more)

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End of Its Rope: How Killing the Death Penalty Can Revive Criminal Justice
Garrett, Brandon L.

It isn’t enough to celebrate the death penalty’s demise. We must learn from it.

When Henry McCollum was condemned to death in 1984 in rural N... (more)

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Solitary: The Inside Story of Supermax Isolation and How We Can Abolish It
Kupers, Terry A.
“When I testify in court, I am often asked: ‘What is the damage of long-term solitary confinement?’ . . . Many prisoners emerge from prison after... (more)

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Tales of Two Americas: Stories of Inequality in a Divided Nation
Freeman, John, ed.
Thirty-six major contemporary writers examine life in a deeply divided America—including Anthony Doerr, Ann Patchett, Roxane Gay, Rebecca Solnit, H... (more)

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Sources of Power: How People Make Decisions
Klein, Gary A.

Since its publication twenty years ago, Sources of Power has been enormously influential. The book has sold more than 50,000 copies, has be... (more)

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What a City Is For: Remaking the Politics of Displacement
Hern, Matt

Portland, Oregon, is one of the most beautiful, livable cities in the United States. It has walkable neighborhoods, bike lanes, low-density housing... (more)

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Featured Titles
by Herzog, Don
Ever wish you were cleverer, more able to cut corners without getting caught? With pointedly mischievous prose, Herzog explores what it means to be cu... (more)
So Rich, So Poor
by Edelman, Peter
The structure of today’s economy has stultified wage growth for half of America’s workers, while bestowing billions on those at the top. In this provo... (more)
What's Wrong with M...
by Batson, C. Daniel
Most works on moral psychology direct our attention to the positive role that morality plays for us as individuals, as a society, even as a species. I... (more)
by Taibbi, Matt
Our basic rights are now determined by our wealth or poverty, by a divide that allows massively destructive fraud by the hyperwealthy to go unpunished... (more)
Great Rent Wars
by Fogelson, Robert M.
The story of the landlord-tenant battles of post-World War I New York. These conflicts, triggered by a housing shortage, prompted landlords to raise r... (more)
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