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Subject: Political Science

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Out of the Wreckage: Finding Hope in the Age of Crisis
Monbiot, George
What does the good life—and the good society—look like in the twenty-first century?

A toxic ideology rules the world—of extreme competition a... (more)

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Revolution in the Revolution?
Debray, Regis
Revolution in the Revolution? is a brilliant, pragmatic assessment of the situation in Latin America in the 1960s. First published in 1967, it... (more)

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Alt-America: The Rise of the Radical Right in the Age of Trump
Neiwert, David
The story of the remarkable resurgence of right-wing extremists in the United States

Just as Donald Trump’s victorious campaign for the... (more)

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C. L. R. James: The Artist As Revolutionary
Buhle, Paul
C. L. R. James was a protean twentieth-century Marxist intellectual, widely recognized as a pioneering scholar of slave revolt; a leading voice of Pan... (more)

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Collected Works, Volume 1
Lenin, V. I.
Among the most influential political and social forces of the twentieth century, modern communism rests firmly on philosophical, political, and econom... (more)

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Democracy and Its Crisis
Grayling, A. C.
Prompted by the EU referendum in the UK and the presidential election in the USA, A. C. Grayling investigates why the institutions of representative d... (more)

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Age of Folly: America Abandons Its Democracy
Lapham, Lewis H.
America’s leading essayist on the frantic retreat of democracy, in the fire and smoke of the war on terror

In twenty-five years of imper... (more)

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As We Have Always Done: Indigenous Freedom Through Radical Resistance
Simpson, Leanne Betasamosake

Across North America, Indigenous acts of resistance have in recent years opposed the removal of federal protections for forests and waterways... (more)

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Run for Something: A Real-Talk Guide to Fixing the System Yourself
Litman, Amanda
From the email marketing director of Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign and the co-founder of Run for Something comes an essential and inspiring... (more)

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Grouchy Historian: An Old-Time Lefty Defends Our Constitution Against Right-Wing Hypocrites and Nutjobs
Asner, Ed & Ed. Weinberger
In the tradition of Al Franken and Michael Moore, Ed Asner—a.k.a. Lou Grant from The Mary Tyler Moore Show—reclaims the Constitution from the r... (more)

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Go Back to Where You Came From: The Backlash Against Immigration and the Fate of Western Democracy
Polakow-Suransky, Sasha
Bigoted and dangerous views on immigration were once confined to the margins of political discourse. Now, with politicians like Donald Trump in the... (more)

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How the Right Lost Its Mind
Sykes, Charles J.

Once at the center of the American conservative movement, bestselling author and radio host Charles Sykes is a fierce opponent of Donald Trump and... (more)

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Nasty Women: The Feminist Survival Guide to Trump's America
Mukhopadhyay, Samhita

Twenty-Three Leading Feminist Writers on Protest and Solidarity

When 53 percent of white women voted for Donald Trump and 94 percent o... (more)

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Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: Based on the Yale Conference, Two Dozen Mental Health Experts Assess a President
Lee, Bandy X.

The consensus view of two dozen psychiatrists and psychologists that Trump is dangerously mentally ill and that he presents a clear and present... (more)

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Clara Zetkin on Fascism: The Marxist View 1923
Zetkin, Clara & Taber, Mike, et al., eds.

Clara Zetkin, an organizer of the First International Women’s Day, presented this Report and Resolution on fascism at the June 1923 enlarged plenum... (more)

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Featured Titles
After Hegemony
by Keohane, Robert O.
Can cooperation persist without the dominance of a single power, such as the US after World War II? To answer this pressing question, Keohane analyzes... (more)
Designing Federalism
by Filippov, Mikhail, et...
The design of federal states typically proceeds from a false set of assumptions regarding the institutional building blocks of such a state. Here the... (more)
by Glassgold, Peter
A monthly journal about social science and literature, Mother Earth was published from 1906 to 1918, at a time when birth control, the labor movement,... (more)
Americans Against t...
by Conn, Steven
An aversion to urban density and a perception that the city was the place where "big government" first took root in America fostered what Steven Conn... (more)
Democracy in Black
by Glaude, Eddie S., Jr.
A powerful polemic on the state of black America that savages the idea of a post-racial society. Part manifesto, part history, part memoir, it argues... (more)
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