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Subject: Natural History & Nature

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Spineless: The Science of Jellyfish and the Art of Growing a Backbone
Berwald, Juli
A former ocean scientist goes in pursuit of the slippery story of jellyfish, rediscovering her passion for marine science and the sea’s imperiled e... (more)

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Wood for the Trees: One Man's Long View of Nature
Fortey, Richard

Award-winning scientist Richard Fortey, upon his retirement, purchased four acres of ancient woodland in the Chiltern Hills of Oxfordshire, England... (more)

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Mousy Cats and Sheepish Coyotes: The Science of Animal Personalities
Shivik, John
A wildlife expert explores what science tells us about animals as unique individuals and why animal personality matters for the human-animal bond a... (more)

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Origins: The Scientific Story of Creation
Baggott, Jim
What is life? Where do we come from and how did we evolve? What is the universe and how was it formed? What is the nature of the material world? How d... (more)

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Great Apes: A Short History
Herzfeld, Chris & Kevin Frey, trans.
A unique, beautifully illustrated exploration of our fascination with our closest primate relatives, and the development of primatology as a d... (more)

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Inner Life of Animals: Love, Grief, and Compassion--Surprising Observations of a Hidden World
Wohlleben, Peter & Jane Billinghurst, trans.

"Like The Hidden Life of Trees, Peter Wohlleben's The Inner Life of Animals will rock your world. Surprising, humbling, a... (more)

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Other Minds: The Octopus, the Sea, and the Deep Origins of Consciousness
Godfrey-Smith, Peter

Named a Top Ten Science Book of Fall 2016 by Publishers Weekly

Although mammals and birds are widely regarded as the smartest c... (more)

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Animals among Us: How Pets Make Us Human
Bradshaw, John

The bestselling author of Dog Sense and Cat Sense explains why living with animals has always been a fundamental aspect of being... (more)

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Tide: The Science and Stories Behind the Greatest Force on Earth
Aldersey-Williams, Hugh

“Superb. . . . A gently studious Bill Bryson crossed with an upbeat and relaxed WG Sebald.”?James McConnachie, Sunday Times (UK)more)

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Williams, Edgar
They are famously fat—cumbersome, lethargic, and oddly charming for the way they lounge around half-submerged in muddy pools all day. Hippos are... (more)

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Gorman, Gerard
Woodpeckers are among the most remarkable birds in the avian world, having evolved a unique anatomy that enables them to peck and bore into solid... (more)

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Sax, Boria
Though not generally perceived as graceful, crows are remarkably so—a single curve undulates from the tip of the bird’s beak to the end of its ta... (more)

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Birdmania: A Remarkable Passion for Birds
Brunner, Bernd & Jane Billinghurst, trans.
"An exquisitely beautiful book ...These stories about birds are ultimately reflections on the curious nature of humanity itself"
— Helen Ma... (more)

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Best American Science and Nature Writing 2017
Jahren, Hope & Tim Folger
“Undeniably exquisite . . . Reveal[s] not only how science actually happens but also who or what propels its immutable humanity.” —Maria Popov... (more)

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Being a Dog: Following the Dog into a World of Smell
Horowitz, Alexandra
From the #1 bestselling author of Inside of a Dog—“an incredible journey into the olfactory world of man’s best friend” (O, The Oprah Magazi... (more)

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Lichen Biology
by Nash, Thomas, ed.
The second edition of Lichen Biology is fully updated, with four completely new chapters covering lichen genetics and sexual reproduction, stress phys... (more)
Introduction to Fungi
by Webster, John & Rolan...
This new edition of the universally acclaimed textbook on fungal biology has been completely re-written, to take account of recent progress in the tax... (more)
Birds of New Zealand
by Scofield, Paul & Bren...
Illustrated with nearly a thousand photographs and drawing on the latest information from birders and biologists, this volume offers a definitive intr... (more)
by Zalasiewicz, Jan & Ma...
Evolution of Beauty
by Prum, Richard O.
A major reimagining of how evolutionary forces work, revealing how mating preferences—what Darwin termed "the taste for the beautiful"—create the e... (more)
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