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Subject: Medicine

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Story of Medicine: From Leeches to Gene Therapy
Dobson, Mary
In The Story of Medicine, esteemed medical historian and author Mary Dobson charts the ways in which we have fought with disease and injury ove... (more)

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To Bear Witness: A Journey of Healing and Solidarity, Updated, Revised, and Expanded Edition
Cahill, Kevin M.
For more than fifty years, Dr. Cahill has been helping to heal the world, as a leading specialist in tropical medicine and as a driving force in human... (more)

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Handbook of HIV Medicine
Wilson, Douglas, et al.
Handbook of HIV 3e provides a concise guide to all aspects of HIV management in the context of sub-Saharan Africa. It covers a broad spectrum... (more)

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Primary Immunodeficiency Diseases: A Molecular and Genetic Approach
Ochs, Hans D., et al.
Primary immunodeficiency diseases, first recognized 60 years ago, are inherited disorders that affect human adaptive and innate immunity. In most case... (more)

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Fundamentals of Neuroanesthesia: A Physiologic Approach to Clinical Practice
Ruskin, Keith J., et al.
Neurosurgical procedures are becoming more common and are taking place in the operating room and in interventional suites. Procedures that used to be... (more)

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Analytics in Healthcare and the Life Sciences: Strategies, Implementation Methods, and Best Practices
Davenport, Thomas H. & Dwight McNeill

Make healthcare analytics work: leverage its powerful opportunities for improving outcomes, cost, and efficiency.This book give... (more)

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Creative Destruction of Medicine: How the Digital Revolution Will Create Better Health Care
Topol, Eric
Now with a new postscript covering the unfolding health care revolution

Mobile technology has transformed our lives, and personal g... (more)

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Textbook of Clinical Embryology
Coward, Kevin & Dagan Wells, eds.
The success of Assisted Reproductive Technology is critically dependent upon the use of well optimized protocols, based upon sound scientific reasonin... (more)

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Hydrophthalmia or Congenital Glaucoma: Its Causes, Treatment, and Outlook
Ringland Anderson, J. & John Herbert Parsons
Originally published in 1939, this book presents a comprehensive study of hydrophthalmia, also known as buphthalmia, incorporating information on caus... (more)

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Alzheimer Conundrum: Entanglements of Dementia and Aging
Lock, Margaret

Because of rapidly aging populations, the number of people worldwide experiencing dementia is increasing and the projections are grim. Despite hund... (more)

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Clinical Information Systems in Critical Care
Jones, Matthew R., et al.
The complex IT requirements of a critical care unit have led to the development of numerous information systems. In this concise handbook, the authors... (more)

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Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Movement Disorders: A Guide for Clinicians and Scientists
Tuite, Paul & Alain Dagher, eds.
Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Movement Disorders is the first book to focus in detail on MRI in a range of movement disorders. Since MRI was first emp... (more)

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Neuropsychiatric and Cognitive Changes in Parkinson's Disease and Related Movement Disorders
Aarsland, Dag, et al., eds.
Psychiatric and cognitive changes are common in patients with Parkinson's disease and have key clinical consequences but, despite this, these symptoms... (more)

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Atherothrombosis in Clinical Practice
Bhatt, Deepak L., ed.
Atherothrombosis refers to the coupling of atherosclerosis and thrombosis, and it is the leading cause of the majority of preventable deaths in the mo... (more)

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Brain Disorders in Critical Illness: Mechanisms, Diagnosis, and Treatment
Stevens, Robert D., et al.
Brain dysfunction is a major clinical problem in intensive care, with potentially debilitating long-term consequences for post-ICU patients of any age... (more)

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Will to Live
by Biehl, Joao
Against all odds, Brazil has became the first developing country to universalize access to life-saving AIDS therapies -- a breakthrough made possible... (more)
Sober Truth
by Dodes, Lance & Zachar...
Alcoholics Anonymous has become so infused in our society that it is practically synonymous with addiction recovery, but the evidence shows that AA ha... (more)
Nazi War on Cancer
by Proctor, Robert N.
Nazi Germany was also decades ahead of other countries in promoting health reforms that we today regard as progressive and socially responsible. Proct... (more)
Worm at the Core
by Solomon, Sheldon, et al.
Presents a transformative, fascinating theory -- based on robust and groundbreaking experimental research -- that reveals how our unconscious fear of... (more)
In a Different Key
by Donvan, John & Caren ...
An extraordinary narrative history of autism. It chronicles the efforts of ordinary people determined to secure a place in the world for those with au... (more)
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