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Subject: Medicine

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China, the United Nations and World Order
Kim, Samuel S.

China's role in the United Nations has been a significant one. Yet, Samuel Kim contends, as far as the literature on Chinese foreign policy... (more)

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Medical Messiahs: A Social History of Medical Quackery in 20th Century America
Young, James Harvey

James Harvey Young describes the development of patent medicines in America from the enactment in 1906 of the Pure Food and Drugs Act through the m... (more)

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Atlas of Surgical Techniques in Trauma
Demetriades, Demetrios, et al.
Using high-quality intra-operative photos of fresh, ventilated and perfused human cadavers, this atlas of surgical techniques creates a unique new res... (more)

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Pediatric Psycho-Oncology: A Quick Reference on the Psychosocial Dimensions of Cancer Symptom Management
Wiener, Lori S., ed.
Pediatric Psycho-Oncology is a comprehensive handbook that provides best practice models for the management of psychological, cognitive, and social ou... (more)

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Caring for the Heart: Mayo Clinic and the Rise of Specialization
Fye, W. Bruce
This groundbreaking book weaves together three important themes. It describes major developments in the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease in th... (more)

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Physical Aspects of Care: Pain, Nausea and Vomiting, Fatigue, and Bowel Management
Paice, Judith A. & Betty R. Ferrell, eds.
Palliative care is an essential element of our health care system and becoming increasingly significant amidst an aging society and organizations stru... (more)

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Structure and Processes of Care
Ferrell, Betty R., ed.
The first volume in the HPNA Palliative Nursing Series, Structure and Processes of Care provides an overview of palliative nursing care, reviews Natio... (more)

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Public Health Response to 2009 H1N1: A Systems Perspective
Stoto, Michael A. & Melissa A. Higdon, eds.
The 2009 H1N1 pandemic tested the limits of the public health emergency preparedness systems in the US and abroad. The successes and failures from thi... (more)

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Ethics of Surgery: Conflicts and Controversies
Sade, Robert M., ed.
According to popular belief, technical skill is far more important for surgeons than thoughtful deliberation. Nothing could be further from the truth.... (more)

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20 Things to Know about Deep Brain Stimulation
Montgomery, Erwin B., Jr.
Twenty Things to Know About Deep Brain Stimulation is an extensive and in-depth critical analysis of the field of Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) from wh... (more)

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Pediatric Thrombotic Disorders
Goldenberg, Neil A. & Marilyn J. Manco-Johnson, eds.
This comprehensive and authoritative text summarizes current evidence and provides experienced perspectives on the etiology, diagnosis, and management... (more)

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Essential Clinical Anesthesia Review: Keywords, Questions and Answers for the Boards
Aglio, Linda S., et al.
This concise, evidence-based board review book, organized according to the ABA keyword list, covers all the fundamental concepts needed to pass writte... (more)

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Madness Cracked
Power, Mick
New... (more)

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Applications of Modern Physics in Medicine
Cole, Milton W., et al.

Many remarkable medical technologies, diagnostic tools, and treatment methods have emerged as a result of modern physics discoveries in the... (more)

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Handbook of ICU Therapy
Fuller, John, et al.
This popular handbook provides a practical guide to managing common and important problems in the critically ill patient, as well as sufficient backgr... (more)

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Featured Titles
Great Escape
by Deaton, Angus
Demonstrating how changes in health and living standards have transformed our lives, one of the foremost experts on economic development and on povert... (more)
Tyranny of the Normal
by Fiedler, Leslie
A collection of essays from one of America's most brilliant literary and social critics. Wound together by the common thread of bioethics, they encomp... (more)
Internal Medicine
by Holt, Terrence
Out of the crucible of medical training, award-winning writer Terrence Holt shapes this stunning account of residency, the years-long ordeal in which... (more)
Madness in Civiliza...
by Scull, Andrew
Today, mental disturbance is commonly viewed through a medical lens, but societies have also sought to make sense of it through religion or the supern... (more)
Reading and Writing...
by Gubar, Susan
In this book about how reading and writing can right some of cancer’s wrongs, Gubar proposes specific exercises, prompts, and models. In discussing th... (more)
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