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Subject: South America - History

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Sacred Landscape: The Search for Ancient Peru
Thompson, Hugh
The extraordinary cultures of Ancient Peru, from the lines of the Nasca to the temple-cult of Chavin and the great pyramids of the coast, have only ju... (more)

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On the Wings of Time: Rome, the Incas, Spain and Peru
MacCormack, Sabine

Historians have long recognized that the classical heritage of ancient Rome contributed to the development of a vibrant society in Spanish South Am... (more)

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Brazil since 1980
Klein, Herbert & Francisco Vidal Luna
This is a general survey of Brazilian society, economy, and political system since 1980. It describes the basic changes occurring as Brazil was transf... (more)

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From Pinochet to the Third Way: Neoliberalism and Social Transformation in Chile
Taylor, Marcus
A bold, insightful analysis of Chilean political economy from Pinochet to the present. Marcus Taylor is breaking new ground in bringing the story... (more)

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Ecology of Oil: Environment, Labor, and the Mexican Revolution, 1900-1938
Santiago, Myrna
An exploration of the social and environmental consequences of oil extraction in the tropical rainforest. Using northern Veracruz as a case study, the... (more)

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Histories of Infamy: Francisco López de Gómara and the Ethics of Spanish Imperialism
Sessions, Scott, trans. & Cristian A. Roa-de-La-Carrera
"Roa-de-la-Carrera convincingly shows that Gómara, as well as other historians in the period, cannot easily ignore nor erase the contradictions o... (more)

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Black Atlantic Religion: Tradition, Transnationalism, and Matriarchy in the Afro-Brazilian Candomble
Matory, J. Lorand

Black Atlantic Religion illuminates the mutual transformation of African and African-American cultures, highlighting the exam... (more)

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Lula and the Workers Party in Brazil
Bradford, Sue & Bernardo Kucinski
In October 2002, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva made history when he became Latin America's first democratically elected socialist leader since Salvador Al... (more)

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Confessions of an Argentine Dirty Warrior: A Firsthand Account of Atrocity
Verbitsky, Horatio
Retired navy officer Adolfo Scilingo was the first man ever to break the Argentine military's pact of silence, stunning his compatriots and the world... (more)

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Political Cultures in the Andes, 1750-1950
de Losada, Cristobal Aljovin, ed.
A major contribution to debates about Latin American state formation, Political Cultures in the Andes brings together comparative historical studies f... (more)

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Hardcover (Unjacketed)
Courage Tastes of Blood: The Mapuche Community of Nicolas Ailío and the Chilean State, 1906-2001
Mallon, Florencia E.
Until now, very little about the recent history of the Mapuche, Chile’s largest indigenous group, has been available to English-language readers. Cour... (more)

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Shadows of Empire: The Indian Nobility of Cusco, 1750-1825
Garrett, David

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Recollections of a Provincial Past
Sarmiento, Domingo F.
Sarmiento, one of the major literary and political figures of 19th-century South America, was an indefatigable nation builder of post-independence Arg... (more)

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Pinochet File: A Declassified Dossier on Atrocity and Accountability
Kornbluh, Peter
Peter Kornbluh led the campaign for the declassification of some 24,000 secret CIA, White House, NSC, and Defense Department records on Chile. The pap... (more)

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Free Market Democracy and the Chilean and Mexican Countryside
Kurtz, Marcus J.
Democracy's stability in Chile and Mexico may depend as much, or more critically, on the transformation of social structure and social life induced by... (more)

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Fall of the Ancient...
by Webster, David
Ancient Maya civilization thrived in the tropics of Central America for more than a thousand years, producing some of the world's finest architecture... (more)
Art of Mesoamerica
by Miller, Mary Ellen
The fifth edition of this standard work incorporates new color images and extensive updates based on the latest research and discoveries. The revision... (more)
Shattered Hope
by Gleijeses, Piero
The most thorough account yet available of a revolution that saw the first true agrarian reform in Central America, this book is also a penetrating an... (more)
Maya Art and Archit...
by Miller, Mary Ellen & ...
Rewritten and updated to include the discoveries and new theories from the past decade and a half, this classic guide to the art of the ancient Maya i... (more)
Picturing the Americas
by Brownlee, Peter John,...
The first comprehensive treatment of landscape painting to encompass both American continents, this catalogue is brilliantly illustrated with 260 colo... (more)
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