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Subject: Cultural Studies

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Cruising the Library: Perversities in the Organization of Knowledge
Adler, Melissa
Cruising the Library offers a highly innovative analysis of the history of sexuality and categories... (more)

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Listening to Images
Campt, Tina M.
In Listening to Images Tina M. Campt explores a way of listening closely to photography, engaging with lost archives of historically dismi... (more)

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Stuart Hall's Voice: Intimations of an Ethics of Receptive Generosity
Scott, David
Stuart Hall’s Voice explores the ethos of style that characterized Stuart Hall’s intellectual vocation. David Scott frames the book—which... (more)

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Familiar Stranger: A Life Between Two Islands
Hall, Stuart & Bill Schwarz, ed.
"Sometimes I feel myself to have been the last colonial." This, in his own words, is the extraordinary story of the life and career of Stuart Hal... (more)

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Trans: A Quick and Quirky Account of Gender Variability
Halberstam, Jack
In the last decade, public discussions of transgender issues have increased exponentially. However, with this increased visibility has comes not... (more)

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Essays on Culture
Scruton, Roger
A wide-ranging selection that includes essays on architecture and modern art, the environment, politics, and culture.

Each “confession” reveal... (more)

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Ethics of Opting Out: Queer Theory's Defiant Subjects
Ruti, Mari

In The Ethics of Opting Out, Mari Ruti provides an accessible yet theoretically rigorous account of the ideological divisions that have anim... (more)

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What Is an Event?
Wagner-pacifici, Robin
We live in a world of breaking news, where at almost any moment our everyday routine can be interrupted by a faraway event. Events are central to... (more)

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Critique of Black Reason
Mbembe, Achille & Laurent Dubois, trans.
In Critique of Black Reason eminent critic Achille Mbembe offers a capacious genealogy of the category of Blackness—from the Atlantic slav... (more)

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Critical Race Theory (Third Edition): An Introduction
Delgado, Richard & Jean Stefancic
Updated to include the Black Lives Matter movement, the presidency of Barack Obama, the rise of hate speech on the Internet, and more.

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New World A-Coming: Black Religion and Racial Identity During the Great Migration
Weisenfeld, Judith
When Joseph Nathaniel Beckles registered for the draft in the 1942,  he rejected the racial categories presented to him and persuaded the registrar to... (more)

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Brilliant Imperfection: Grappling with Cure
Clare, Eli
In Brilliant Imperfection Eli Clare uses memoir, history, and critical analysis to explore cure—the deeply held belief that body-minds con... (more)

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Judaism and Modernity
Rose, Gillian
Judaism and Modernity: Philosophical Essays challenges the philosophical presentation of Judaism as the sublime "other" of modernity. In Judaism and M... (more)

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Trouble with Post-Blackness
Baker, Houston A. & K. Merinda Simmons

An America in which the color of one's skin no longer matters would be unprecedented. With the election of President Barack Obama in 2008, that fut... (more)

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Forms: Whole, Rhythm, Hierarchy, Network
Levine, Caroline

Forms offers a powerful new answer to one of the most pressing problems facing literary, critical, and cultural studies today--how to connec... (more)

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Featured Titles
Color Complex
by Russell, Kathy, et al.
Processes like skin lightening in India, hair smoothing in Black America, eyelid reconstruction in China, and plastic surgery worldwide continue to ri... (more)
by Firmin, Sandra Q. & J...
Caked in mud, bearing a lattice appendage of sticks attached to his back, wearing a headdress and a nylon mask, artist Kim Jones's alter ego Mudman be... (more)
Erotic Doll
by Smith, Marquard
Since the 19th century, dolls have served as toys but also as objects of obsession, love, and lust. Challenging our commonsense grasp of the relations... (more)
Screening Sex
by Williams, Linda
In the 1960s and '70s, American cinema "grew up" in response to the sexual revolution, and movie audiences came to expect more knowledge about what ha... (more)
This Means This, Th...
by Hall, Sean
Reading signs is a part of everyday life: from road signs that point to a destination, to smoke that warns of fire, to the symbols buried within art a... (more)
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