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Subject: Sociology

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Rethinking Social Policy: Race, Poverty, and the Underclass
Jencks, Christopher
One of the foremost sociologists of our time makes a fervent appeal for clearer thinking on race, poverty, crime, and the underclass.... (more)

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Making Ends Meet: How Single Mothers Survive Welfare and Low-Wage Work
Edin, Kathryn & Laura Lein

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Guess Who's Coming to Dinner Now?: Multiculural Conversation in America
Dillard, Angela D.

In Guess Who's Coming to Dinner Now? Angela Dillard offers the first comparative analysis of a conservatism which today cuts across the boundaries... (more)

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Top Heavy: The Increasing Inequality of Wealth in America and What Can Be Done About It
Wolff, Edward N.
Hailed in the Boston Review as "the leading contemporary study of the distribution of wealth in the United States and the recent explosion in wealth i... (more)

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Skull Measurer's Mistake: And Other Portraits of Men and Women Who Spoke Out Against Racism
Lindqvist, Sven
Enlightening stories of courageous eighteenth- and nineteenth-century men and women who defied the racial prejudices of their communities. In 1981, S... (more)

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East to America: Korean American Life Stories
Kim, Elaine H. & Eui-Young Yu
In this collection of powerful, candid oral histories, a wide cross section of Korean Americans render a portrait of a community grappling with racial... (more)

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Living Wage: Building a Fair Economy
Pollin, Robert & Stephanie Luce
With almost one-third of all working people today earning wages below the official poverty line, community coalitions around the country have responde... (more)

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Knowledges: Culture, Counterculture, Subculture
Worsley, Peter
"Western science" and "primitive beliefs" may not be as far apart as they seem. Shattering conventional distinctions between science and culture, know... (more)

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Coming of Age in America: A Multicultural Anthology
Frosch, Mary, ed.
"Whether we are Jews or Catholic Chicanas, grew up on a corn farm or the oil-dark lot of a radiator shop in East Los Angeles, we come of age in the sa... (more)

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Betrayal of Work: How Low-Wage Jobs Fail 30 Million Americans
Shulman, Beth
Following its publication in hardcover, the critically acclaimed Betrayal of Work became one of the most influential policy books about economic life... (more)

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What Should I Do If Reverend Billy Is in My Store?
Talen, Bill
The spiritual leader of The Church of Stop Shopping takes his anti-consumerist sermon from the stage to the page.

Treat him as any other cust... (more)

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Low Pay High Profile: The Global Push for Fair Labor
Ross, Andrew
An unabashedly partisan inquiry into the cruelty and indignity of the modern workplace that shows how critique combined with action can bring world-ch... (more)

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Unfinished Work: Building Democracy and Equality in an Era of Working Families
Heymann, Jody & Christopher Beem
This volume provides insights into why we have not yet seen an effective national response to the challenges faced by most working families in America... (more)

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Division Street: America
Terkel, Studs
The book that first made Studs Terkel's reputation as the country's foremost oral historian. Viewing the inhabitants of a single city, Chicago, as a m... (more)

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Better Place to Live: Reshaping the American Suburb
Langdon, Philip
What is it about modern American suburbs that has led to so much dissatisfaction? How has the typical suburban design of the past fifty years exacerba... (more)

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Featured Titles
by Taibbi, Matt
Our basic rights are now determined by our wealth or poverty, by a divide that allows massively destructive fraud by the hyperwealthy to go unpunished... (more)
So Rich, So Poor
by Edelman, Peter
The structure of today’s economy has stultified wage growth for half of America’s workers, while bestowing billions on those at the top. In this provo... (more)
What's Wrong with M...
by Batson, C. Daniel
Most works on moral psychology direct our attention to the positive role that morality plays for us as individuals, as a society, even as a species. I... (more)
Behind the Shock Ma...
by Perry, Gina
In a 1961 experiment conduced at Yale University, Stanley Milgram reported that fully 65 percent of the volunteers had repeatedly administered what th... (more)
Great Rent Wars
by Fogelson, Robert M.
The story of the landlord-tenant battles of post-World War I New York. These conflicts, triggered by a housing shortage, prompted landlords to raise r... (more)
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