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Subject: Psychology

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Perspectives on Human Sexuality
Bolin, Anne & Patricia Whelehan
In a book destined to become the standard reference on human sexuality, Bolin and Whelehan provide the first ever treatment that includes both the bio... (more)

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Psychology I
Research & Education Association Editors
Need help with Psychology? Want a quick review or refresher for class? This is the book for you!

REA's Psychology I Super Review® giv... (more)

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Pajaczkowska, Claire
Perversion's relationship to feelings of contempt, triumph, sexual excitement and to shame, revulsion and fear, necessarily make it a troubling concep... (more)

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Silence Is Not Golden: Strategies for Helping the Shy Child
Kearney, Christopher A.
Chronic shyness can pose a serious threat to a child's academic, emotional, and social development. Children who are extremely shy may miss out on imp... (more)

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Adolescents, Sex and the Law: Preparing Adolescents for Responsible Citizenship
Levesque, Roger J. R.
Although adolescents have sex, suffer the effects of domestic violence, and fall victim to sexual harassment, existing laws often prevent them from... (more)

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Work With What You Have: Ways to Creative & Meaningful Livelihood
Smith, Deborahann
Deborahann Smith takes up where she left off in her well-received Temp: How to Survive and Thrive in the World of Temporary Employment, this t... (more)

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Evolutionary Agents
Leary, Timothy
This heady illustrated collage is supposedly written by past and future “agents” but is actually authored by Leary himself. Memos addressed to "A... (more)

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Overcome Phobias and Panic Attacks
Mann, Sandi
Do you have a severe phobia which is limiting your ability to do what you want in life? Or do you find that you have regular panic attacks or severe a... (more)

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At War with PTSD: Battling Post Traumatic Stress Disorder with Virtual Reality
McLay, Robert N.

The Spartans called it The Trembler; recent history has seen it termed shell shock, combat fatigue, soldier’s heart, and Vietnam Syndrome. Whatever... (more)

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Inner Lover: Using Passion As a Way to Self-Empowerment
Harms, Valerie
Presents techniques of journaling, dreamwork, and imaginary dialogues to guide the reader on an adventure of self-discovery in which the powerful ener... (more)

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In Defense of the Princess: How Plastic Tiaras and Fairytale Dreams Can Inspire Smart, Strong Women
Fine, Jerramy

It's no secret that most girls, at some point, love all things princess: the poofy dresses, the plastic tiaras, the color pink. Even grown-up... (more)

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Kennedy, Roger
Freud's centering of sex within psychoanalysis is explained by his idea of the libido; where it comes from, what it does, and where it may lead. Our d... (more)

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If Your Adolescent Has Depression or Bipolar Disorder: An Essential Resource for Parents
Evans, Dwight L.
While coping with teenage moodiness can be difficult under any circumstances, it can be especially challenging if a teenager has a serious mood disord... (more)

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Mars and Venus on a Date: A Guide for Navigating the 5 Stages of Dating to Create a Loving and Lasting Relationship
Gray, John

Will I Ever Find My Soul Mate?

Whether you are recently separated, divorced, or you have been in the singles scene for longer than... (more)

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Mind and Mechanism
McDermott, Drew V.
Taking a computational approach to the mind-body problem, McDermott demonstrates the inadequacy of dualist approaches which separate the physical and... (more)

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Featured Titles
Sober Truth
by Dodes, Lance & Zachar...
Alcoholics Anonymous has become so infused in our society that it is practically synonymous with addiction recovery, but the evidence shows that AA ha... (more)
Psychological Types
by Jung, C. G.
One of the most important of Jung's works, rich in material drawn from literature, aesthetics, religion, and philosophy. The chapters that give genera... (more)
Eye and Brain
by Gregory, Richard L.
An essential introduction to the basic phenomena of visual perception. Gregory offers clear explanations of how we see brightness, movement, color, an... (more)
Worm at the Core
by Solomon, Sheldon, et al.
Presents a transformative, fascinating theory -- based on robust and groundbreaking experimental research -- that reveals how our unconscious fear of... (more)
Political Psycholog...
by Kinnvall, Catarina & ...
In an increasingly globalized world, there are new economic, strategic, cultural, and political forces at work. The Political Psychology of Globalizat... (more)
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