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Subject: Political Science

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Fighting Chance: Global Trends and Shocks in the National Security Environment
Arnas, Neyla, ed.
Compiled to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing security environment, this important collection examines strategic trends, their defense relevan... (more)

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From Cairo to Wall Street: Voices from the Global Spring
Stiglitz, Joseph E. & Anya Schiffrin, eds.

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Blue in a Red State
Krebs, Justin
Imagine if you felt out of step with every other member of the parent association at your kid’s school, your quilting circle, or even your workou... (more)

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Official Handbook of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy: The Arguments You Need to Defeat the Loony Left This Election Year
Smith, Mark W.
Already tired of the left-wing media spin on the 2008 elections? Had enough of Democratic talking heads hyping tax increases and the global warmi... (more)

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Machine: A Field Guide to the Resurgent Right
Fang, Lee
Before Barack Obama had even taken the oath of office after his historic victory, cadres of lobbyists, political hacks, oil tycoons, and right-wi... (more)

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Political Awakenings: Conversations with History
Kreisler, Harry
In this volume, leading political thinkers and activists -- including Elizabeth Warren, Noam Chomsky, Kenzaburo Oe, Tariq Ali, Michael Pollan, and How... (more)

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Trial of Donald Rumsfeld: A Prosecution by Book
Rights, Center for Constitutional & Michael Ratner

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Were You Born on the Wrong Continent?: How the European Model Can Help You Get a Life
Geoghegan, Thomas
Social democracy may let us live nicer lives; it also may be the only way to be globally competitive. This wry, timely book helps us understand why th... (more)

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War in Heaven: The Arms Race in Outer Space
Caldicott, Helen & Craig Eisendrath
A revelatory look at the US Government's plan to put weapons in outer space. Caldicott and Eisendrath show that the United States itself is today the... (more)

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Genius of Impeachment: The Founders' Cure for Royalism
Nichols, John
A sharp and eye-opening argument that impeachment is an essential American institution.

"I guess these are yours. Impeach Eisenhower.... (more)

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10 Excellent Reasons Not to Hate Taxes
Greenwood, Stephanie, ed.
A short, snappy handbook countering the anti-tax, anti-government rhetoric that permeates our culture and reminding us why taxes lie at the heart o... (more)

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You Have No Rights: Stories of America in an Age of Repression
Rothschild, Matthew
Chilling true stories of ordinary Americans whose everyday liberties have been violated since September 11.

"I'm very liberal and som... (more)

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After the Storm: Black Intellectuals Explore the Meaning of Hurricane Katrina
Troutt, David Dante, ed.
Now in paperback on the second anniversary of Katrina, one of the few books to offer the perspectives of African Americans on the Gulf Goast traged... (more)

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Generation Debt: Why Now Is a Terrible Time to Be Young
Kamenetz, Anya
Kamenetz addresses the grim state of young people today, telling us how we can, and must, save our future. She speaks with experts in economics, labor... (more)

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With God on Their Side: George W. Bush and the Christian Right
Kaplan, Esther
The book Amy Goodman hailed as "classic muckraking at its best." When asked which single issue most affected their vote in the last presidential elec... (more)

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Featured Titles
Dark Money
by Mayer, Jane
The conventional wisdom is that the ascendancy of a broad-based conservative movement grew out of a popular uprising against “big government." But as... (more)
Morality of Politic...
by Coady, C. A.
Political violence in the form of wars, insurgencies, terrorism, and violent rebellion constitutes a major human challenge today as it has so often in... (more)
We Make Our Own His...
by Cox, Laurence & Alf G...

We live in the twilight of neoliberalism: the ruling classes can no longer rule as before, and ordinary people are no longer willing to... (more)

Dead Do Not Die
by Lindqvist, Sven
In Exterminate All the Brutes, Lindqvist uses Conrad's Heart of Darkness as a point of departure for a haunting tour through the colonial past, retrac... (more)
Great Exception
by Cowie, Jefferson
In the period between the Great Depression and the 1970s, the US government achieved a unique level of equality, using its considerable resources on b... (more)
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