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Subject: Political Science

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Neocon Reader
Stelzer, Irwin, ed.
A collection of the ideas that are exerting enormous influence on American foreign and defense policy, and serves as an important reminder of how a lo... (more)

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Hostile Environment: The Political Betrayal of Sexually Harassed Women
Mink, Gwendolyn
In a passionate defense of the rights of sexually harassed women, the author provides a lucid analysis of sexual harassment as a legal concept & corre... (more)

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Democracy Project: A History, a Crisis, a Movement
Graeber, David
This journey through the idea of democracy provocatively reorients our understanding of pivotal historical moments -- from the birth of Athenian democ... (more)

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As Texas Goes...: How the Lone Star State Hijacked the American Agenda
Collins, Gail

In one of the most explosive and timely political books in years, Gail Collins declares the "what happens in Texas doesn't stay in Texas an... (more)

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Fascist Europe: The Rise of Racism & Xenophobia
Ford, Glyn
Commissioned by the European Parliament, this report recommends a plan for local, national, and international action against the growth of racial hatr... (more)

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Declarations of Havana (Revolutions)
Castro, Fidel & Tariq Ali

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Down with Colonialism!
Minh, Ho Chi
In this edition of the writings of Ho Chi Minh, anti-globalization activist Walden Bello shows why the founder of the Vietminh and President of the De... (more)

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Impostor: BHL in Wonderland
Lindgaard, Jade & Xavier De La Porte
Based on a careful investigation comparing Bernard-Henri Lèvy's words with his deeds, this volume seeks to explain the remarkable persistence of this... (more)

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Imperial Messenger: Thomas Friedman at Work
Fernandez, Belen
An exposé of Thomas Friedman, the media darling and risible writer whose success says much about the failures of contemporary journalism. Belén Fernán... (more)

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Dispatches from the Dark Side: On Torture and the Death of Justice
Peirce, Gareth
In this set of devastating essays, Gareth Peirce analyzes the corruption of legal principles and practices in both the US and the UK that has accompan... (more)

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Unfinished Twentieth Century: The Crisis of Weapons of Mass Destruction
Schell, Jonathan
Proposes that the defining characteristic of the 20th century was the uncontrolled acceleration of humankind's capacity for self-destruction. Schell e... (more)

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Pariah: Misfortunes of the British Kingdom
Nairn, Tom
A retrospective of Tony Blair's recent New Labour plebiscite. After a much-vaunted Constitutional Revolution, overwhelming victory was obtained on les... (more)

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Stop the Next War Now: Effective Responses to Violence and Terrorism
Evans, Jodie & Medea Benjamin, eds.
Violence begets violence—so believes the majority of people around the world who have stood up in protest against war. Stop the Next War Now is a refl... (more)

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Brief History of Political Thought and State Craft
Paolucci, Henry
A richly documented but fast-moving account of the political changes that took place from the time of the Greeks to the dictatorships and democratic i... (more)

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Fighting Chance: Global Trends and Shocks in the National Security Environment
Arnas, Neyla, ed.
Compiled to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing security environment, this important collection examines strategic trends, their defense relevan... (more)

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Featured Titles
We Make Our Own His...
by Cox, Laurence & Alf G...

We live in the twilight of neoliberalism: the ruling classes can no longer rule as before, and ordinary people are no longer willing to... (more)

Morality of Politic...
by Coady, C. A.
Political violence in the form of wars, insurgencies, terrorism, and violent rebellion constitutes a major human challenge today as it has so often in... (more)
Dead Do Not Die
by Lindqvist, Sven
In Exterminate All the Brutes, Lindqvist uses Conrad's Heart of Darkness as a point of departure for a haunting tour through the colonial past, retrac... (more)
Great Exception
by Cowie, Jefferson
In the period between the Great Depression and the 1970s, the US government achieved a unique level of equality, using its considerable resources on b... (more)
Field Notes on Demo...
by Roy, Arundhati
Combining fierce conviction, deft political analysis, and powerful writing, this series of essays uncovers the dark side of democracy in contemporary... (more)
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