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Subject: Natural History & Nature

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And Soon I Heard a Roaring Wind: A Natural History of Moving Air
Streever, Bill
Scientist and bestselling nature writer Bill Streever goes to any extreme to explore wind--the winds that built empires, the storms that wreck them--b... (more)

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What I Don't Know about Animals
Diski, Jenny

What does novelist, essayist, and memoirist Jenny Diski know about animals? She wasn't really sure as she began to write this book, and she may not... (more)

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Magnitude 8: Earthquakes and Life along the San Andreas Fault
Fradkin, Philip L.
Environmental historian Philip L. Fradkin offers a vivid history of earthquakes and an eloquent guide to the San Andreas Fault, the seismic scar tha... (more)

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Seeds, Sex, and Civilization: How the Hidden Life of Plants Has Shaped Our World
Thompson, Peter & Stephen Harris
This absorbing scientific detective story brings to life the eccentrics, explorers, amateurs, and dedicated professionals -- including Charles Darwin,... (more)

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My Family and Other Animals
Durrell, Gerald
When the unconventional Durrell family can no longer endure the damp, gray English climate, they do what any sensible family would do: sell their hous... (more)

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Can Animals Be Moral?
Rowlands, Mark
The philosophical argument against the existence of moral behavior in animals has been that only humans have the ability to reflect on our motivations... (more)

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Lost Land of the Dodo: The Ecological History of Mauritius, Reunion, and Rodrigues
Cheke, Anthony & Julian P. Hume
The Mascarene Islands of the Indian Ocean were once home to an extraordinary range of birds and reptiles: giant tortoises, parrots, skinks, geckos, bu... (more)

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Legacy of the Mastodon: The Golden Age of Fossils in America
Thomson, Keith Stewart
The discovery of fossilized mastodon bones and teeth in Kentucky led to the grandest period of fossil discovery in American history, the years from 17... (more)

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H Is for Hawk
Macdonald, Helen
An experienced falconer, Helen Macdonald had never been tempted to train one of the most vicious predators, the goshawk. But in her grief over her fat... (more)

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Explorer's Notebook: Essays on Life, History, and Climate
Flannery, Tim
Tim Flannery is one of the world's most influential scientists, a foremost expert on climate change credited with discovering more species than Charle... (more)

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Chasing Kangaroos: A Continent, a Scientist, and a Search for the World's Most Extraordinary Creature
Flannery, Tim

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How to Clone a Mammoth: The Science of De-Extinction
Shapiro, Beth
Could extinct species like the mammoth and the passenger pigeon be brought back to life? Journeying to far-flung Siberian locales in search of Ice Age... (more)

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Offshore Sea Life ID Guide: East Coast
Howell, Steve N. G. & Brian L. Sullivan

Two-thirds of our planet lies out of sight of land, just offshore beyond the horizon. What wildlife might you see out there? This handy guide, desi... (more)

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Amazing World of Flyingfish
Howell, Steve N. G.
This beautifully illustrated book presents flyingfish as you've never seen them before. It features more than 90 stunning color photos by renowned nat... (more)

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Darwin's Origin of Species: A Biography
Browne, Janet
A sensation on its publication in 1859, The Origin of the Species profoundly shocked Victorian readers by calling into question the belief in a Creato... (more)

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Featured Titles
Genius of Birds
by Ackerman, Jennifer
According to cutting-edge research, some birds rival primates and even humans in their intelligence. This elegant combination of scientific investigat... (more)
by Berman, Bob
Natural motion dominates our lives and the intricate mechanics of the world around us. Bob Berman spans astronomy, geology, biology, meteorology, and... (more)
Nature's Compass
by Gould, James L. & Car...
This comprehensive investigation of animal navigation and migration decodes the mysteries of this extraordinary aspect of natural behavior. The author... (more)
by De Roy, Tui
Wildlife photographer and writer Tui De Roy has spent her life exploring the Galapagos and recording their secrets. Here, in spectacular full-color im... (more)
Cabaret of Plants
by Mabey, Richard
This sweeping work of botanical history explores dozens of plant species that for millennia have challenged our imaginations, awoken our wonder, and u... (more)
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