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Subject: Medicine - History & Philosophy Of

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Circulation: William Harvey's Revolutionary Idea
Wright, Thomas
Arguably the greatest Englishman in the history of science after Isaac Newton, a vivid and visceral biography of William Harvey, who discovered the ci... (more)

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Medieval Heart
Webb, Heather
Drawing from the works of Dante, Catherine of Siena, Boccaccio, Aquinas, and Cavalcanti and other literary, philosophic, and scientific texts, Heather... (more)

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Guide to Reproduction: Social Issues and Human Concerns
Pollard, Irina
Reproduction plays a huge part in many people's lives, but often little is understood about the biological processes involved and the larger impact of... (more)

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Woman's Disease: The History of Cervical Cancer
Lowy, Ilana
Cervical cancer is an emotive disease with multiple connotations. It has stood for the horror of cancer, the curse of femininity, the hope of cutting-... (more)

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One Nation under Stress: The Trouble with Stress as an Idea
Becker, Dana
Our national infatuation with therapeutic culture, Becker argues, has created a moral imperative to manage the tensions of daily life by turning inwar... (more)

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Chaos and Organization in Health Care
Lee, Thomas H. & James J. Mongan

Two leading physicians' prescription for solving our health care problems: organizing the fragmented system that delivers care.

... (more)

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Moral Entanglements: The Ancillary-Care Obligations of Medical Researchers
Richardson, Henry S.
The philosopher Henry Richardson's short book is a defense of a position on a neglected topic in medical research ethics. Clinical research ethics ha... (more)

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Next Medicine: The Science and Civics of Health
Bortz, Walter M.
Every year, the average American spends about $7,300 on medical expenses. The typical Canadian pays $2,700, the Briton only $2,000. And yet, according... (more)

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Free to Be Foolish: Politics and Health Promotion in the United States and Great Britain
Leichter, Howard M.

Each of us is, to a certain extent, dangerous to his or her own health, but how far do we want the government to curb our freedom to be "foo... (more)

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Impotent Warriors: Perspectives of Gulf War Syndrome, Vulnerability and Masculinity
Kilshaw, Susie

From September 1990 to June 1991, the UK deployed 53,462 military personnel in the Gulf War. After the end of the conflict anecdotal reports of v... (more)

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Coming of the Body
Juvin, Hervé
A compelling analysis of how capitalism has given birth to the new sculpted, engineered, and pleasure-seeking body. Juvin's central message is a sinis... (more)

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Tough Decisions: Cases in Medical Ethics
McDonnell, Kevin & John M. Freeman
Life is full of tough decisions that must be made ethically and under the pressures of time. This book places readers in realistic situation where the... (more)

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Confronting Contagion: Our Evolving Understanding of Disease
Santer, Melvin
Throughout history, humankind's working theories regarding the cause of infectious disease have shifted drastically, as cultures developed their philo... (more)

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Mortal Coil: A Short History of Living Longer
Haycock, David Boyd

An obsession with perpetual youth may seem a particularly modern phenomenon, but it is a goal that western scientists and philosophers ha... (more)

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Sick: The Untold Story of America's Health Care Crisis---and the People Who Pay the Price
Cohn, Jonathan

America's health care system is unraveling, with millions of hard-working people unable to pay for prescription drugs and regular checkups, let al... (more)

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Featured Titles
Madness in Civiliza...
by Scull, Andrew
Today, mental disturbance is commonly viewed through a medical lens, but societies have also sought to make sense of it through religion or the supern... (more)
Into the Magic Shop
by Doty, James
Growing up in California, Jim Doty was poor, with an alcoholic father and a mother chronically depressed and paralyzed by a stroke. Today he is the di... (more)
Internal Medicine
by Holt, Terrence
Out of the crucible of medical training, award-winning writer Terrence Holt shapes this stunning account of residency, the years-long ordeal in which... (more)
Great Escape
by Deaton, Angus
Demonstrating how changes in health and living standards have transformed our lives, one of the foremost experts on economic development and on povert... (more)
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