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Subject: Medicine - History & Philosophy Of

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To Bear Witness: A Journey of Healing and Solidarity, Updated, Revised, and Expanded Edition
Cahill, Kevin M.
For more than fifty years, Dr. Cahill has been helping to heal the world, as a leading specialist in tropical medicine and as a driving force in human... (more)

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Cure Within: A History of Mind-Body Medicine
Harrington, Anne & A. Harrington

A splendid history of mind-body medicine...a book that desperately needed to be written. —Jerome Groopman, New York Timesmore)

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Writing History in the Age of Biomedicine
Stein, Claudia

A collection of ten essays paired with substantial prefaces, this book chronicles and contextualizes Roger Cooter’s contributions to the histo... (more)

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Chaos and Organization in Health Care
Lee, Thomas H. & James J. Mongan

Two leading physicians' prescription for solving our health care problems: organizing the fragmented system that delivers care.

... (more)

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Health and Well Being
Franklin, Cynthia, et al.
The School Practitioner's Concise Companion gives busy social workers, psychologists, and counselors a quick guide to accessible, proven solu... (more)

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Lamaze: An International History
Michaels, Paula A.
The Lamaze method is virtually synonymous with natural childbirth in America. In the 1970s, taking Lamaze classes was a common rite of passage... (more)

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Biology of Man in History Vol. 1
Ranum, Orest A., ed. & Robert Forster
Eight articles by authorities on medical and social history discusses changin attitudes toward marriage and birth control, medical, geographical, and... (more)

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Creative Destruction of Medicine: How the Digital Revolution Will Create Better Health Care
Topol, Eric
Now with a new postscript covering the unfolding health care revolution

Mobile technology has transformed our lives, and personal g... (more)

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Immortalization Commission: Science and the Strange Quest to Cheat Death
Gray, John
A Globe and Mail Best Books of the Year 2011 Title

At the heart of human experience lies an obsession with the nature of deat... (more)

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When Germs Travel: Six Major Epidemics That Have Invaded America and the Fears They Have Unleashed
Markel, Howard

The struggle against deadly microbes is endless. Diseases that have plagued human beings since ancient times still exist, new maladies like SARS ma... (more)

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Anatomies: A Cultural History of the Human Body
Aldersey-Williams, Hugh

“A marvelous, organ-by-organ journey through the body eclectic. . . Irresistible [and] impressive.”—John J. Ross, Wall Street Journalmore)

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Am I My Genes?: Confronting Fate and Family Secrets in the Age of Genetic Testing
Klitzman, Robert L.
In the fifty years since DNA was discovered, we have seen extraordinary advances. For example, genetic testing has rapidly improved the diagnosis and... (more)

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Disrupted Dialogue: Medical Ethics and the Collapse of Physician-Humanist Communication (1770-1980)
Veatch, Robert M.
During the 18th century, physicians were close friends of philosophers, exchanging views on matters of ethics with each other in print, at meetings of... (more)

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Fortunate Man: The Story of a Country Doctor
Berger, John
In this quietly revolutionary work of social observation and medical philosophy, Booker Prize-winning writer John Berger and the photographer Jean Moh... (more)

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Of Two Minds: An Anthroplogist Looks at American Psychiatry
Luhrmann, T. M.
With sharp and soulful insight, T. R. Luhrmann examines the world of psychiatry, a profession which today is facing some of its greatest challenges fr... (more)

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Featured Titles
Coming of the Body
by Juvin, Hervé
A compelling analysis of how capitalism has given birth to the new sculpted, engineered, and pleasure-seeking body. Juvin's central message is a sinis... (more)
When Breath Becomes...
by Kalanithi, Paul
For readers of Atul Gawande, Andrew Solomon, and Anne Lamott, a profoundly moving, exquisitely observed memoir by a young neurosurgeon faced wit... (more)
Great Plague
by Lord, Evelyn
This intimate history of the extraordinary Black Plague pandemic that swept through the British Isles in 1665 focuses on the plague's effects on small... (more)
by Nuland, Sherwin B.
Presenting compelling studies of great medical innovators and pioneers, Nuland gives us the extraordinary story of the development of modern medicine... (more)
Biography of a Germ
by Karlen, Arno
Borrelia burgdorferi, the microbe that causes Lyme disease, has been in existence for some hundred million years, but was discovered only recently. Ex... (more)
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