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Subject: Medicine

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Selzer, Richard

Susan Cheever observed in a New York Times Book Review appraisal of his memoir Down from Troy that Richard Selzer "cares more... (more)

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Public Health Systems and Emerging Infections: Assessing the Capabilities of the Public and Private Sectors
Davis, Johnathan R., et al.
Based on a Workshop of the Forum on Emerging Infections, this document summaries the examination of the core capabilities of the public and privat... (more)

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Dressing Station: A Surgeon's Chronicle of War and Medicine
Kaplan, Jonathan
The Dressing Station is a searing portrait of devastation on the battlefield. From treating the casualties of apartheid in Cape Town to operating on... (more)

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Contact Wounds: A War Surgeon's Education
Kaplan, Jonathan
From the author of the critically acclaimed New York Times Notable Book The Dressing Station, comes an electrifying memoir of a doctor's... (more)

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Terrible Gift: The Brave New World of Genetic Medicine
Carlson, Rick J. & Gary Stimeling
A provocative, cautionary exploration of the onrushing revolution in health care: its science-fiction benefits, its hidden dangers, and the disturbing... (more)

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Hormone Action and Testicular Function
Catt, K. J.
Book by Catt, Kevin J. and Maria L. Dufau (eds).... (more)

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Internal Medicine: A Doctor's Stories
Holt, Terrence
Out of the crucible of medical training, award-winning writer Terrence Holt shapes this stunning account of residency, the years-long ordeal in which... (more)

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Miracle Medicines of the Rainforest: A Doctor's Revolutionary Work with Cancer and AIDS Patients
David, Thomas & J. Michal Beasley
A doctor's astounding story of promising new treatments from the rainforests of Brazil for diseases that compromise the immune system. 
During a w... (more)

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In Our Hands: A Hand Surgeon's Tales of the Body's Most Exquisite Instrument
Arem, Arnold
The hand and its relationship to human identity

Over the twenty years that Arnold Arem has worked as a reconstructive hand surgeon,... (more)

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Scourge: The Once and Future Threat of Smallpox
Tucker, Jonathan B.
A Washington Post Best Book of 2001, Scourge provides a definitive account of the dramatic story of smallpox by a leading "expert on biological and ch... (more)

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Hypochondria -Woeful Imaginings
Baur, Susan
Writing with grace, humor, and an expert's eye for revealing detail, Susan Baur illuminates the processes by which hypochondriacs come to adopt and ma... (more)

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Vaccination Against Smallpox
Jenner, Edward
The once-dreaded scourge of smallpox has been eradicated through barrier immunization. The eminent scientist Edward Jenner (1749-1823) was a pioneer i... (more)

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Swallow: Foreign Bodies, Their Ingestion, Inspiration, and the Curious Doctor Who Extracted Them
Cappello, Mary
What drove Dr. Chevalier Jackson's peculiar obsession not only with removing foreign bodies from people's upper torsos but also with saving and catalo... (more)

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Into the Magic Shop: A Neurosurgeon's Quest to Discover the Mysteries of the Brain and the Secrets of the Heart
Doty, James
Growing up in California, Jim Doty was poor, with an alcoholic father and a mother chronically depressed and paralyzed by a stroke. Today he is the di... (more)

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Internal Medicine (The Clerkship Series)
Mitchell, William J.
The goal of the new Clerkship Series from Fence Creek Publishing is to assist students at all levels in developing their clinical problem-solving and... (more)

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Featured Titles
Royal Art of Poison
by Herman, Eleanor
Miracle Cure
by Rosen, William
The epic history of how antibiotics were born, saving millions of lives and creating a vast new industry known as Big Pharma.

As late as... (more)
by Crawford, Dorothy H.
Trials of Nina Mccall
by Stern, Scott W.
The story of the American Plan, the longest-lasting (and now nearly forgotten) mass quarantine in American history told through the lens of one you... (more)
Damnation Island
by Horn, Stacy
The gripping voices of the inhabitants of Blackwell's Island make this history come alive.

Today it is known as Roosevelt Isla... (more)
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