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Turn of the Screw
James, Henry
One of literature's most gripping ghost stories depicts the sinister transformation of two innocent children into flagrant liars and hypocrites. Elega... (more)

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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Carroll, Lewis
Beloved classic about a little girl lost in a topsy-turvy land and her encounters with the White Rabbit, March Hare, Mad Hatter, Mock Turtle, Cheshire... (more)

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Bell, Christine
The entrancing first novel by the author of The Perez Family, now a major motion picture from Miramax starring Academy Award winners Marisa Tomei and... (more)

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Gilman, Charlotte Perkins
Delightfully humorous account of a feminist utopia in which three male explorers stumble upon an all-female society isolated in a distant part of the... (more)

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Life of Olaudah Equiano, or Gustavus Vassa, the African
Equiano, Olaudah
Compelling work traces the formidable journey of an Igbo prince from captivity to freedom and literacy and recounts his enslavement in the New World,... (more)

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Captains Courageous
Kipling, Rudyard
The only one of Kipling's novels to be cast in an American setting, Captains Courageous endures as one of literature's most cherished and memor... (more)

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Yehoshua, A. B.
When an aging Israeli film director is invited to Santiago de Compostela for a retrospective of his work, a painting over his bed triggers a memory fr... (more)

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Spill Simmer Falter Wither
Baume, Sara
A debut novel already praised as "unbearably poignant and beautifully told" (Eimear McBride) this captivating story follows — over the course... (more)

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Man Who Was Thursday
Chesterton, G. K.
In an article published the day before his death, G.K. Chesterton called The Man Who Was Thursday "a very melodramatic sort of moonshine." Se... (more)

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Great American Ghost Stories: Chilling Tales by Poe, Bierce, Hawthorne and Others
Ashley, Mike, ed.
Sixteen spine-tingling tales from the dark side of our nation's literary history. Contents include "The Gray Champion" by Nathaniel Hawthorne, "Ligeia... (more)

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Whose Body?
Sayers, Dorothy L.
There's a dead body in his bathtub, wearing nothing but a pair of pince-nez spectacles. Enter Lord Peter Wimsey, the original gentleman sleu... (more)

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Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes
Doyle, Arthur Conan
Eleven of the best and most popular tales of the immortal sleuth include "Silver Blaze," concerning the "curious incident of the dog in the night... (more)

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Ghosts in Irish Houses: A Collection of Ghostly Folk Tales
Reynolds, James
Ranging in era from the 10th century to the 20th, these ghostly tales mix the eerie, the terrifying, and the madcap. Enhanced by 30 illustrations of I... (more)

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Story of Beautiful Girl
Simon, Rachel
It is 1968. Lynnie, a young white woman with a developmental disability, and Homan, an African American deaf man, are locked away in an institution,more)

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Girl Who Stopped Swimming
Jackson, Joshilyn

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Featured Titles
by Rodriguez, Richard
An award?winning writer delivers a major reckoning with religion, place, and sexuality in the aftermath of 9/11

Hailed in The W... (more)
Turn of the Screw a...
by James, Henry
Whether viewed as a subtle, self-conscious exploration of the haunted house of Victorian culture, filled with echoes of sexual and social unease, or... (more)
Searching for Sappho
by Freeman, Philip
Sappho was the daughter of an aristocratic family, a wife, a devoted mother, a lover of women, and one of the greatest writers of her own or any age.... (more)
Pablo Neruda
by Poirot, Luis
Pablo Neruda wrote often about the natural world and the beloved objects he surrounded himself with. In this beautiful edition of photographer Luis Po... (more)
Ask the Dust
by Fante, John

Ask the Dust is a virtuoso performance by an influential master of the twentieth-century American novel. It is the story of Arturo Bandini,... (more)

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