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Subject: South America - History

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Colombia Before Independence: Economy, Society and Politics under Bourbon Rule
McFarlane, Anthony
Introduction; 1. Foundations; Part I. Economy and Society In Eighteenth-Century New Granada: 2. Regions and Resources; 3. Mining Frontiers and the Gol... (more)

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Legacy of Dutch Brazil
van Groesen, Michiel, ed.
This book argues that Dutch Brazil (1624-54) is an integral part of Atlantic history and that it made an impact well beyond colonial and national narr... (more)

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Slavery and the Demographic and Economic History of Minas Gerais, Brazil, 1720-1888
Bergad, Laird W.
This book examines the demographic and economic history of slavery in Minas Gerais, the single largest slave-holding region in Brazil, from its settle... (more)

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Idolatry and Its Enemies
Mills, Kenneth

The ecclesiastical investigations into Indian religious error--the Extirpation of idolatry--that occurred in the seventeenth-and eighteenth-century... (more)

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Partners in Conflict: The Politics of Gender, Sexuality and Labor in the Chilean Agrarian Reform, 1950-1973
Tinsman, Heidi
Partners in Conflict examines the importance of sexuality and gender to rural labor and agrarian politics during the last days of Chile's latifundia s... (more)

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Ancient Inca (Case Studies in Early Societies)
Kolata, Alan L.
This book offers a detailed account of Inca history, society, and culture through the lens of archaeology, written documents, and ethnographic account... (more)

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Colonial Latin America
Bethell, Leslie, ed.
Examines the history of colonial Latin America before its independence.... (more)

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Cambridge History of Latin America: Spanish South America
Bethell, Leslie & Leslie Bethell, ed.
This volume consists of the separate histories of the countries of Spanish South America. Part One covers in depth the history of Argentina, Uruguay a... (more)

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Slave Life in Rio de Janerio, 1808-1850
Karasch, Mary C.

The Description for this book, Slave Life in Rio de Janeiro, 1808-1850, will be forthcoming.

... (more)

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Empire's Workshop
by Grandin, Greg
The British and Roman empires are often invoked as precedents to the Bush administrations aggressive foreign policy. But Americas imperial identity wa... (more)
Cuba 1959
by Glinn, Burt
Glinn's magnificent photographs convey the revolutionary idealism, mayhem, and excitement of a pivotal moment in history. This volume includes some of... (more)
Inside the Favelas
by Mayhew, Douglas
Behind Rio de Janeiro's beautiful beaches and the beautiful people who adorn them live the residents of the city's favelas, informal urban spaces that... (more)
Coolie Woman
by Bahadur, Gaiutra
In 1903, a young woman sailed from India to Guiana as a “coolie”—the British name for indentured laborers who replaced the newly emancipated slav... (more)
Pablo Neruda
by Poirot, Luis
Pablo Neruda wrote often about the natural world and the beloved objects he surrounded himself with. In this beautiful edition of photographer Luis Po... (more)
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