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Subject: Cultural Studies

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Greening the Red, White, and Blue: The Bomb, Big Business, and Consumer Resistance in Postwar America
Jundt, Thomas
In popular imagination, environmentalism is often linked to Rachel Carson's Silent Spring and the political activism of the 1960s and '70s th... (more)

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Diasporas of the Mind: Jewish and Postcolonial Writing and the Nightmare of History
Cheyette, Bryan
Against the discrete disciplinary thinking of the academy, Cheyette elaborates a new comparative approach across Jewish and postcolonial histories and... (more)

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Imagining Black America
Wayne, Michael
Explores the construction and reconstruction of black America from the arrival of the first Africans in Jamestown in 1619 to the re-election of Barack... (more)

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Enemies List: A Vigilant Journalist's Plea for a Renewed Red Scare
O'Rourke, P. J.
Compiled with the help of readers of The American Spectator an acerbic blacklist of some of the most disliked people of the 1990s includes... (more)

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Gates of Eden: American Culture in the Sixties
Dickstein, Morris
Almost from its outset, the Sixties produced a dizzying display of cultural images and ideas. Dickstein's landmark study, first published in 1977, wei... (more)

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Age and Guile Beat Youth, Innocence and a Bad Haircut: I Was Tragically Hip and Recovered! You Can Too!
O'Rourke, P. J.
A provocative, conservative satirist shares his strange and twisted days as editor in chief of National Lampoon, his numerous essays on the... (more)

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Within the Context of No Context
Trow, George W. S.

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Iraq: The Borrowed Kettle
Zizek, Slavoj
A link between Saddam's regime and al-Qaeda was transformed into the threat posed by the regime to the region, which was then transformed into the thr... (more)

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Rethinking Islamism: The Ideology of the New Terror
Desai, Meghnad
Despite increasingly frantic calls - especially after the London bombings of July 7 2005 - for western leaders to 'understand Islam better',... (more)

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Art of Transition: Latin American Culture and Neoliberal Crisis
Masiello, Francine

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Rise of Enlightened Sexism: How Pop Culture Took Us from Girl Power to Girls Gone Wild
Douglas, Susan J.

Women today are inundated with conflicting messages from the mass media: they must either be strong leaders in complete command or sex kittens obse... (more)

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Liberalism and Prostitution
de Marneffe, Peter
Civil libertarians characterize prostitution as a "victimless crime" that ought to be legalized. Feminist critics counter that prostitution is not vic... (more)

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Culture Wars: The Struggle to Define America
Hunter, James D.
A riveting account of how Christian fundamentalists, Orthodox Jews, and conservative Catholics have joined forces in a battle against their progressiv... (more)

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Building with Our Own Hands: Directions in Chicana Studies
De La Torre, Adela & Beatriz M. Pesquera, eds.
This is the first interdisciplinary collection of articles addressing the unique history of Chicana women. From a diverse range of perspectives, a n... (more)

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Power Misses: Essays Across (Un)Popular Culture
James, David E.
Explores the myriad ways in which culture is saturated by the commodity form, while at the same time giving rise to numerous forms of popular resistan... (more)

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