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Subject: South America - History

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Vassouras: A Brazilian Coffee County, 1850-1900: The Roles of Planter and Slave in a Plantation Society
Stein, Stanley J.
A now classic social and economic study of the origins, apogee, and decline of coffee in the Parahyba Valley of South Central Brazil. The author shows... (more)

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Peru's Indian Peoples and the Challenge of Spanish Conquest: Huamanga to 1640
Stern, Steve J.

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Art of the Andes: From Chavín to Inca
Stone, Rebecca
The best single-volume introduction to Andean art and architecture, describing the strikingly varied artistic achievements of the Chav’n, Paracas, Moc... (more)

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From Pinochet to the Third Way: Neoliberalism and Social Transformation in Chile
Taylor, Marcus
A bold, insightful analysis of Chilean political economy from Pinochet to the present. Marcus Taylor is breaking new ground in bringing the story... (more)

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Sacred Landscape: The Search for Ancient Peru
Thompson, Hugh
The extraordinary cultures of Ancient Peru, from the lines of the Nasca to the temple-cult of Chavin and the great pyramids of the coast, have only ju... (more)

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Partners in Conflict: The Politics of Gender, Sexuality and Labor in the Chilean Agrarian Reform, 1950-1973
Tinsman, Heidi
Partners in Conflict examines the importance of sexuality and gender to rural labor and agrarian politics during the last days of Chile's latifundia s... (more)

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Between the Sacred and the Worldly: The Institutional and Cultural Practice of 'Recogimiento' in Colonial Lima
Van Deusen, Nancy E.
This groundbreaking work argues that the seminal concept of recogimiento functioned as a metaphor for the colonial relationship betwe... (more)

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Legacy of Dutch Brazil
van Groesen, Michiel, ed.
This book argues that Dutch Brazil (1624-54) is an integral part of Atlantic history and that it made an impact well beyond colonial and national narr... (more)

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Operacion masacre/ Massacre Operation (Spanish Edition)
Walsh, Rodolfo

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Politics and Urban Growth in Buenos Aires, 1910-1942
Walter, Richard J.
Describes the development of Argentina's national capital and largest city during the period from 1910 to the early 1940s. It focuses on the role of p... (more)

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North-West Amazons: Notes of Some Months Spent among Cannibal Tribes
Whiffen, Thomas
This 1915 volume recounts Captain Thomas Whiffen's travels in Brazil and Colombia in the region between the rivers Issa (or Içá) and Apaporis, and the... (more)

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Picturing the Americas
by Brownlee, Peter John,...
The first comprehensive treatment of landscape painting to encompass both American continents, this catalogue is brilliantly illustrated with 260 colo... (more)
Filming Pancho
by de Orellana, Margarita
Portraying the border between the US and Mexico as the dividing line between order and chaos, Hollywood filmmakers developed a series of lasting Mexic... (more)
Cuba 1959
by Glinn, Burt
Glinn's magnificent photographs convey the revolutionary idealism, mayhem, and excitement of a pivotal moment in history. This volume includes some of... (more)
Thirteen Ways of Lo...
by Stavans, Ilan & Jorge...
The essayist and cultural commentator Ilan Stavans and the analytic philosopher Jorge J. E. Gracia share long-standing interests in the intersection o... (more)
Fall of the Ancient...
by Webster, David
Ancient Maya civilization thrived in the tropics of Central America for more than a thousand years, producing some of the world's finest architecture... (more)
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