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Subject: South America - History

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Sovereignty and Revolution in the Iberian Atlantic
Adelman, Jeremy
This bold new look at the New World empires of Spain and Portugal argues that modern notions of sovereignty in the Atlantic world have been unstable,... (more)

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Containing the Poor: The Mexico City Poor House, 1774-1871
Arrom, Silvia Marina
In 1774 the Mexico City Poor House was created, intending to eliminate poverty and impose a work ethic on former beggars, establishing a forcible inte... (more)

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Bolivia: Refounding the Nation
Artaraz, Kepa

The election of the... (more)

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Poor Peoples Politics: Peronist Survival Networks and the Legacy of Evita
Auyero, Javier

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Silver and Entrepreneurship in Seventeenth-Century Potosi: The Life and Times of Antonio Lopez de Quiroga
Bakewell, Peter

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Punishment in Paradise: Race, Slavery, Human Rights, and a Nineteenth-Century Brazilian Penal Colony
Beattie, Peter M.
Throughout the nineteenth century the idyllic island of Fernando de Noronha, which lies two hundred miles off Brazil's northeastern coast, was home to... (more)

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Slavery and the Demographic and Economic History of Minas Gerais, Brazil, 1720-1888
Bergad, Laird W.
This book examines the demographic and economic history of slavery in Minas Gerais, the single largest slave-holding region in Brazil, from its settle... (more)

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Violence in Colombia, 1990-2000: Waging War and Negotiating Peace
Bergquist, Charles W. & Gonzalo G. Sanchez, ed.
Violence In Colombia provides students with a deeper understanding of the crisis facing Colombia today. The book focuses on the 1990s, a decade that w... (more)

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Abolition of the Brazilian Slave Trade: Britain, Brazil and the Slave Trade Question
Bethell, Leslie
When Britain launched its crusade against the transatlantic slave trade, Brazil was one of the greatest importers of African slaves in the New World.... (more)

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Cambridge History of Latin America: Spanish South America
Bethell, Leslie & Leslie Bethell, ed.
This volume consists of the separate histories of the countries of Spanish South America. Part One covers in depth the history of Argentina, Uruguay a... (more)

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Colonial Brazil
Bethell, Leslie, ed.
A continuous history of the Portuguese Empire in Brazil from the beginning of the 16th to the beginning of the 19th centuries. Covers early Portuguese... (more)

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Chile since Independence
Bethell, Leslie, ed.
Chile Since Independence brings together four chapters from Volumes 3, 5, and 8 of The Cambridge History of Latin America to provide in a single volum... (more)

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Colonial Latin America
Bethell, Leslie, ed.
Examines the history of colonial Latin America before its independence.... (more)

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Libertador: Writings of Simón Bolívar
Bolívar, Simón
General Simsn Bolmvar (1783-1830), called El Liberator, and sometimes the "George Washington" of Latin America, was the leading hero of the Latin Amer... (more)

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Lula and the Workers Party in Brazil
Bradford, Sue & Bernardo Kucinski
In October 2002, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva made history when he became Latin America's first democratically elected socialist leader since Salvador Al... (more)

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