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Author: Thomas, Nicholas

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Art in Oceania: A New History
Brunt, Peter William & Nicholas Thomas, et al.
Lavishly illustrated and encyclopedic in scope, this landmark book places the art of Oceania in its comprehensive and often complex historical context... (more)

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Body Art
Thomas, Nicholas
Featuring 186 illustrations, 143 in color, this volume explores the wide-ranging history of body art, from its expression of tribal affinities and cul... (more)

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Colonialism's Culture: Anthropology, Travel and Government
Thomas, Nicholas
"An exciting, highly unsettling book that attempts to challenge reigning theories and theorists on the matter of colonialism."--David Hanlon, Universi... (more)

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Islanders: The Pacific in the Age of Empire
Thomas, Nicholas
This fascinating re-creation of an Oceanic world offers a new paradigm, not only for histories of the Pacific, but for understandings of cultural cont... (more)

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Oceanic Art
Thomas, Nicholas
Until recently, the tendency in the West has been to view the art of Oceania as "primitive," mysterious, shrouded in taboo. Nicholas Thomas, in this s... (more)

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Possessions: Indigenous Art/Colonial Culture
Thomas, Nicholas
Looks at the large number of European artists who have drawn on tribal motifs and styles and demonstrates that cultural exchange is a two-way process,... (more)

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Voyages of Captain James Cook: The Illustrated Accounts of Three Epic Pacific Voyages
Thomas, Nicholas, ed.
In addition to the South Pacific, Cook's voyages took him to South America, Antarctica, New Zealand, the Pacific Coast from California to Alaska, the... (more)

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