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11 Titles Found
Author: Hobsbawm, Eric

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Age of Capital: 1848-1875
Hobsbawm, Eric J.

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Age of Empire: 1875-1914
Hobsbawm, Eric J.
An analysis of the evolution of European economics, politics, arts, sciences, and cultural life from the peak of the industrial revolution to the Firs... (more)

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Age of Extremes: A History of the World, 1914-1991
Hobsbawm, Eric J.
Between 1914 and 1991, the world was convulsed by two global wars that swept away millions of lives and entire systems of government. Dividing the cen... (more)

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Age of Revolution: 1749-1848
Hobsbawm, Eric
This magisterial installment in Hobsbawm's epic four-volume history of the modern world outlines, with intellectual daring and aphoristic elegance, th... (more)

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Hobsbawm, Eric J.
Examines the figure of the social bandits or bandit-rebels, robbers and outlaws -- such as Jesse James or Robin Hood -- who are not regarded by public... (more)

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Captain Swing
Hobsbawm, Eric & George Rudé
The classic social history of the Great English Agricultural Uprising of 1830, from one of the greatest historians of our age. For generation upon g... (more)

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Fractured Times: Culture and Society in the Twentieth Century
Hobsbawm, Eric
In his final book, Hobsbawm ranges freely across subjects as diverse as classical music, the fine arts, rock music, and sculpture. He records the pass... (more)

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Industry and Empire: The Birth of the Industrial Revolution
Hobsbawm, Eric J.
An updated edition of the classic study. Hobsbawm explores the origin and dramatic course of the Industrial Revolution over 250 years as well as its i... (more)

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Invention of Tradition
Hobsbawm, Eric & Terence Ranger, eds.
Many of the traditions we think of as ancient in their origins were in fact invented relatively recently. This book explores examples of this process,... (more)

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On Empire: America, War, and Global Supremacy
Hobsbawm, Eric J.
One of the most celebrated and respected historians of modern Europe looks at the world situation and some of the major political problems confronting... (more)

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On the Edge of the New Century: In Conversation with Antonio Polito
Hobsbawm, Eric
An analysis of the twentieth century by one of the century's preeminent historians.... (more)

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