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Author: Ford, Edward R.

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Architectural Detail
Ford, Edward R.
The Architectural Detail is author Edward R. Ford's life's work, and this may be his most important book to date. Ford walks the reader throu... (more)

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Details of Modern Architecture, Vol. 2: 1928 to 1988
Ford, Edward R.
Continues the study of the relationships of the ideals of design and the realities of construction in modern architecture, from the late 1920s to the... (more)

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Five Houses, Ten Details
Ford, Edward R.
Edward Ford's forty years of practicing and teaching architecture have focused on one area: the architectural detail. Yet, despite two hugely influent... (more)

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Language in the U. S. A.: Themes for the Twenty-First Century
Finegan, Edward & John R. Rickford, eds.
Explores language variation in the US, and the social, cultural, and political significance of that variation. Finegan and Rickford divide their volum... (more)

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The ideas that inspired the American Revolution were neither British nor Christian but largely ancient, pagan, and continental: the fecund universe of... (more)
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American Pulp
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Virginia Woolf
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Virginia Woolf's many novels--notably Night and Day (1919), Jacob's Room (1922), Mrs Dalloway (1925), To the Lighthouse (1... (more)
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