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9. 5 Theses on Art and Class and Other Writings
Davis, Ben

"Among excellent younger critics now is Ben Davis."––Peter Schjeldahl, art critic for The New Yorker

9.5 Theses on Art and Cla... (more)

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99: Stories of the Game
Gretzky, Wayne
One of the greatest sports figures of all time salutes his heroes and takes us inside the game as few others can.
From minor-hockey phenome... (more)

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99 Poems: New and Selected
Gioia, Dana

So much of what we live goes on inside--
The diaries of grief, the tongue-tied aches
Of unacknowledged love are no less real... (more)

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A Is Amazing: Poems about Feelings
Cooling, Wendy

Amazing, bored, excited, magical, naughty, sad, zestful?.you can feel any way you like in this exciting collection of poems about feelings from A t... (more)

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A+ for Big Ben
Ellis, Sarah
His sister is a big kid in grade five. His brother is a big kid in grade three. Ben is a little kid in preschool. He can’t swim; he can’t use chopstic... (more)

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A-frame Notecards and Postcards
Randle, Chad
Pulled from the pages of Princeton's classic book, A-Frame, this fold-out portfolio contains a variety of notecards and postcards that hearke... (more)

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A-Maze-Ing Minotaur
Rix, Juliet

King Minos keeps a strange and dangerous beast in the maze of narrow corridors beneath his castle, known as the Labyrinth. This is the dreaded Mino... (more)

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A. D. H. D. Nation: How a Children's Attention Problem Became America's Most over-Diagnosed Disease
Schwarz, Alan
A groundbreaking and definitive account of the widespread misdiagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder—and its serious effects on children... (more)

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Aaron and Alexander: The Most Famous Duel in American History
Brown, Don

The most famous duel in American history dramatized by leading nonfiction picture book illustrator, Don Brown.

Aaron Burr and Alexander Hami... (more)

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Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics: Basic Theory and Advanced Methods
Marx, Dominik & Jürg Hutter
Ab initio molecular dynamics revolutionized the field of realistic computer simulation of complex molecular systems and processes, including chemical... (more)

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Abacus and the Cross: The Story of the Pope Who Brought the Light of Science to the Dark Ages
Brown, Nancy Marie

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Abahn Sabana David
Duras, Marguerite & Kazim Ali, trans.

"Duras's language and writing shine like crystals."—The New Yorker

"A spectacular success. . . . Duras is at the height of her po... (more)

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Gallico, Paul
London hasn’t been kind to Peter, a lonely boy whose parents are always out at parties, and though Peter would love to have a cat for company, his nan... (more)

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Abandoned to Ourselves
Meyers, Peter Alexander
In this extraordinary work, Peter Alexander Meyers shows how the centerpiece of the Enlightenment—society as the symbol of collective human lif... (more)

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Abbey of St. Gall As a Centre of Literature and Art
Clark, J. M.
Originally published in 1926, this book analyses the role of the Abbey of St Gall in the development of German arts in the Middle Ages. Clark examines... (more)

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Six Drawing Lessons
by Kentridge, William

Over the last three decades, the visual artist William Kentridge has garnered international acclaim for his work across media including drawing, fi... (more)

How to Read Oceanic...
by Kjellgren, Eric
Art from Oceania, the region encompassing the islands of the central and south Pacific, spans hundreds of distinct artistic processes, formats, a... (more)
John Singer Sargent...
by Ormond, Richard & Ela...
After John Singer Sargent (1856?1925) determined to curtail his internationally successful portrait practice, he had more freedom to paint where... (more)
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