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Published Since: March, 2017

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Here and Gone: A Novel
Beck, Haylen
Here and Gone is a gripping, wonderfully tense suspense thriller about a mother's desperate fight to recover her stolen children from corrupt a... (more)

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Talking Pictures: How to Watch Movies
Hornaday, Ann
Whether we are trying to impress a date after an art-house film screening or discussing Oscar nominations with friends, we all need ways to watch... (more)

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Sex and Broadcasting: A Handbook on Starting a Radio Station for the Community
Milam, Lorenzo W.

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Who Will Lead Us?: The Story of Five Hasidic Dynasties in America
Heilman, Samuel C. & Ken Heilman
Hasidism, a movement many believed had passed its golden age, has had an extraordinary revival since it was nearly decimated in the Holocaust and... (more)

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Top Dog: Apex Predators Past and Present
Jenkins, Steve

What does it take to be the “top dog”? 

      In his latest book, the award-winning author and illustrator Steve Jenkins introduces reade... (more)

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Crack in Creation: Gene Editing and the Unthinkable Power to Control Evolution
Doudna, Jennifer A. & Samuel H. Sternberg
A trailblazing biologist grapples with her role in the biggest scientific discovery of our era: a cheap, easy way of rewriting genetic... (more)

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Weight of Ink
Kadish, Rachel
An intellectual and emotional jigsaw puzzle of a novel for readers of A. S. Byatt’s Possession and Geraldine Brooks’s People of the... (more)

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Geras, Adèle
The classic struggle between Greece and Troy brought to life by a panoramic chorus of voices both humble and high, human and divine.
     T... (more)

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Chuck's Truck
Anderson, Peggy Perry
When farmer Chuck gets ready to go to town, his barnyard pals gather round. Everyone want to ride along. But the duck Luck, Nip and Tuck, th... (more)

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Mighty Mars Rovers: The Incredible Adventures of Spirit and Opportunity
Rusch, Elizabeth

On June 10, 2003, a little rover named Spirit blasted off on a rocket headed for Mars. On July 7, 2003, a twin rover named Opportunity soared throu... (more)

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Project Mulberry
Park, Linda Sue
Julia Song and her friend Patrick would love to win a blue ribbon, maybe even two, at the state fair. They’ve always done projects together, and... (more)

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There's a Pest in the Garden!
Thomas, Jan
There’s a pest in the garden and he’s eating all the vegetables! But Duck has a plan to save the day (well, sort of). Featuring Jan Thomas’s wond... (more)

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Yehoshua, A.b. & Stuart Schoffman, trans.
"Yehoshua's masterful portrayal of a female musician at a pivotal moment in her life is deep, unpredictable, and, in the end, surprisingly sus... (more)

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Commander in Chief: FDR's Battle with Churchill 1943
Hamilton, Nigel
"A solid inside view of the strategic thinking that went into the campaign against Hitler as America laid the groundwork for the D-Day invasio... (more)

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German Dictionary
Webster's New World College Dictionaries Editors
Compiled by a team of experienced German and English linguists and lexicographers, this bilingual dictionary combines comprehensive coverage of b... (more)

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Featured Titles
Virginia Woolf
by Frances Spalding
Virginia Woolf's many novels--notably Night and Day (1919), Jacob's Room (1922), Mrs Dalloway (1925), To the Lighthouse (1... (more)
After Hegel
by Beiser, Frederick C.

Histories of German philosophy in the nineteenth century typically focus on its first half--when Hegel, idealism, and Romanticism dominated. By con... (more)

Nature's God
by Stewart, Matthew
The ideas that inspired the American Revolution were neither British nor Christian but largely ancient, pagan, and continental: the fecund universe of... (more)
by Burgess, Alexis G. & ...

This is a concise introduction to current philosophical debates about truth. Combining philosophical and technical material, the book is organized... (more)

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