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Title Details
All My Dogs by Henderson, Bill
All My Dogs: A Memoir
by Henderson, Bill

“With dry humor and enviable honesty, this gem …tells Henderson’s life story through his thirteen dogs.” - Publishers Weekly

"All My Dogs dogs is exactly as the title describes, a story in chronological order, beginning in childhood, of all the dogs Henderson has loved. Some were with him for a brief period, some were part of every moment in his life and the lives of his wife and daughter. But , as silly and bold and sometimes incorrigible as all of these dogs were, each of them loved Henderson and he returned that affection wholeheartedly. He is dog person and cannot imagine a life without canine companionship. So as he writes of navigating the waters as writer and publisher, pursuing a family life, moving from one home to another, engaging in a quixotic quest to build a tower in Maine and pondering how to live the best life possible,there is always a dog at his feet or by his side.Dogs have made his life richer by their company and, just as the best writing of Herriot and Durrell,All my Dogs is a love letter in return.” Bookslut
Published December, 2017 by Pushcart Press, The, Paperback, 145 Pages, ISBN: 9781888889871, ISBN-10: 188888987X, List Price $15.00.

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