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Title Details
After Colonialism by Prakash, Gyan, ed.
After Colonialism: Imperial Histories and Postcolonial Displacements
by Prakash, Gyan, ed.
Preface p.vii Introduction: After Colonialism p.3 PART ONE: COLONIALISM AND THE DISCIPLINES Ch. 1 Secular Interpretation, the Geographical Element, and the Methodology of Imperialism p.2 Ch. 2 Africa in History: The End of Universal Narratives p.40 Ch. 3 Haiti, History, and the Gods p.66 Ch. 4 Why Not Tourist Art? Significant Silences in Native American Museum Representations p.98 PART TWO: COLONIALISM AND CULTURAL DIFFERENCE Ch. 5 The Effacement of Difference: Colonialism and the Origins of Nationalism in Diderot and Herder p.129 Ch. 6 Retribution and Remorse: The Interaction between the Administration and the Protestant Mission in Early Colonial Formosa p.153 Ch. 7 Coping with (Civil) Death: The Christian Convert's Rights of Passage in Colonial India p.183 Ch. 8 Exclusion and Solidarity: Labor Zionism and Arab Workers in Palestine, 1897-1929 p.211 Ch. 9 The Postcolonization of the (Latin) American Experience: A Reconsideration of "Colonialism,"Postcolonialism," and "Mestizaje" p.241 PART THREE: COLONIAL DISCOURSE AND ITS DISPLACEMENTS Ch. 10 Becoming Indian in the Central Andes p.279 Ch. 11 Ethnographic Travesties: Colonial Realism, French Feminism, and the Case of Elissa Rhaiuml;s p.299 Ch. 12 In a Spirit of Calm Violence p.326 Notes on the Contibutors p.345 Index p.347
Published 1995 by Princeton, Paperback, 352 Pages, ISBN: 9780691037424, ISBN-10: 0691037426, List Price $57.50.

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